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This week, it looks like the box office has been a bit weaker than it has been in recent weeks. Like Liv Dasgupta, it’s terrorism versus gynecology. Codename: Tyranga Competes with Anubhuti Kashyap. Doctor G to grab the attention of the audience. Both are interesting, if not epic, films, and at least one is sure to come from word of mouth.

There are two issues for this week. Pre-Diwali consumers are eager to spend their money on shopping. Purchasing power has shrunk significantly, especially now post-pandemic. Second, people are more reluctant to go to nearby theaters, even as ticket prices are reduced.

Despite this, both mainstream films are confident in their pitch. Te3n When Yudo. Parineeti Chopra seems to be his muse after the girl on the train. Codename: Tyranga You can call it The Girl On The Train On A Mission.

Except for Aria Butt (Gambai Katyawadi) girl power has so far not worked at the Taapsee box office this year (Shabaash Mithu) or kangana (Dhakad). Parineeti may change her gender course. her sister Zindabad.

Speaking of girl power, Anurag Kashyap’s sister Anubouti’s unabashed satire on the anatomical taboos Doctor G It may be the surprise of the week. He has 11 days to solidify his place at the box office until the big Diwali release on 25 October.

However, one of the big hurdles is Doctor G What Ayushmann Khurrana may have to face at the box office is an ‘A’ censorship certificate. This is Khurrana’s first certified “adults only” film, and his target audience may be upset.

Competition may creep into mainstream cinema this week from unexpected places, Gujarat and Karnataka to be exact.Pan Narin’s Oscar Entry cello show There’s enough buzz to be a dark horse at the box office this week. Of course, a mere Oscar entry won’t get this movie noticed. But the work is sweet, kind, funny and sad.And that might do the trick for the director of angry indian goddess In this ode to the angry Indian boys of Gujarat.

The biggest threat to all releases this week is this season’s Kannada blockbuster CantaraAlready a huge money spinner in her native language, Kantara is poised to conquer the North Indian box office with a dubbed Hindi version.For all we know, this week’s other movies may end licking their wounds Cantara Yelling at the ticket gate.

Subhash K Jha is a Patna-based film critic who has been writing about Bollywood long enough to know the Bollywood industry thoroughly. He tweets at @SubhashK_Jha.

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