Post Malone tries his best to get daughter to like his music

Post Malone recently revealed that he had a small child in June with an unknown fiancée. But now the real test begins as to how Malone will be a father, and the rapper recently shared some fun tidbits about how fatherhood is going so far. provided.

While speaking with GQ, the rapper revealed that one of his greatest hopes as a father is for his daughter to love his music when she grows up. , playing his tunes around her just to see how she reacts to it. He said:

“So far she hasn’t cried when I put my music on. I think that’s a good sign, but we’ll wait and find out. I had to let her decide. Her To be honest, I don’t know what she’s into right now. I think she must like my music. [or] She’ll get used to it — I know everyone in the house plays it for her.

It’s highly unlikely that this 4-month-old girl has any particular taste in music, but it’s understandable that Malone wants her to like his music and be proud of it. increase. Lullabies are probably her preference over rapping at this point, but Malone even has a solution for that. he revealed:

“I love playing her lullabies. They make me lullabies for my songs. I have to guess the song, and I forget all the melodies, and I say, “What song is this?”

But at the end of the day, while Malone is incredibly happy to be a father and loves his daughter very much, the rapper has expressed that touring sometimes takes him away from his daughter and he doesn’t like it. He explained in the following words.

“It really hurts me not to see her, but she’s coming out more often now…she’s so legendary and I’m happy to see her…but I have to leave.” , it’s heartbreaking not being able to be with her…forever.”

https://celebrityinsider.org/post-malone-is-trying-his-best-to-make-sure-that-his-daughter-likes-his-music-534369/ Post Malone tries his best to get daughter to like his music

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