Post Malone injures ribs after falling on stage during concert

Recently, a video was published on the Internet post malone of concert September 17th in St. Louis, Missouri. It shows Post Malone performing a song hoop when he suddenly falls through a hole in the stage and is blown away by the wind. After the fall, Malone lay in pain for several minutes before a media team rushed over to check on him.

The stage opening was where Post Malone’s guitar was lowered under the stage, but apparently Malone forgot that the opening was still uncovered.

The rapper was whisked away by a media team for inspection, but he promised to return and returned 15 minutes later as promised to perform multiple songs, but in the end he cut the show a bit short. Even during these performances, he was seen clutching his ribs, indicating he was in considerable pain. He apologized and reportedly stayed on stage for a while to sign autographs for fans, even though he ended the show.

The next day, Malone took to Twitter to update fans on his health and apologized for cutting the show short.

In the video, Malone began by saying, “Thank you for putting up with my dumb ass.”

He further explained the incident as follows: .. wound me up pretty well. ”

The rapper also revealed that medical professionals have cleared him and he plans to continue touring.

He also promised the people of St. Louis to supplement this with these words:

“The next time I come over, I’ll do a two-hour show so I can make up for the two missed songs.”

https://celebrityinsider.org/post-malone-sustains-an-injury-to-the-ribs-as-he-falls-on-stage-during-concert-533371/ Post Malone injures ribs after falling on stage during concert

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