Playing Slickwoods

Photo by Anthony Stevens. Styled by Tanner Blake.

Slick Woods cool is down to the bone. She has her hard-earned wisdom and a cozy glamor fit that doesn’t seek acceptance. (In the meantime, we all approve and hope she tags the designer on Instagram. She’s 5’10” with a glorious gaping smile and doesn’t want to do anything, but I want to be myself.

As a model, Woods has walked the runways for Moschino, Fendi and Helmut Lang.she is rihanna mentee And what is your favorite model? Since becoming Fashion Her It Her Girl in 2015, she has begun to explore different forms of creative expression. It’s acting. In July, Freeform announced that the 26-year-old would appear in the upcoming season. Mature, playing her own variations. It’s her second appearance on screen, the first being the 2019 film. Goldie. She works for her brilliance and knows hard work.

Woods was born in Minneapolis, raised in Los Angeles, and was homeless for years. mother was imprisoned when she was only 4 years old. When she was 19, she was spotted at a bus stop by fellow model Ash Stymest and introduced to her agent. She never slept on the street again.

Woods got her big break in modeling in 2015 after appearing in Kanye West’s Easy season 2 fashion show. She soon began calling Rihanna “Rob” (short for the singer’s first name, “Robin”), and the superstar called for Woods and her Fenty x Puma collaboration and further exploration of beauty and lingerie. I was.Woods was evenly matched of labor with her child Saphiras she walked in for Rihanna’s best Savage x Fenty show in 2018. Basically, Slick Woods had the worst.

ESSENCE: Tell us about the audition process. Mature?

Slickwoods: Now, I will be 100 years old with you. I’m not very good at audition tapes because they feel awkward. But I made it really easy, and so did the cast. I get really uncomfortable when I have to do things that are out of my element. So it was a great way they incorporated my feelings, how I dressed, everything was very harmonious. But they let me do it.

I think it’s very important to bring that authenticity to whatever you do. So I’m really glad they allowed you to bring your full self into the role. How did you feel when you got the news that you landed?

I thought someone punked me, but I thought I was African [Afrikaa Johnson, Woods’ manager] I received the wrong email.

I’ve known Justin Sky for years. I’ve known Trevor Jackson for years. So it was cool to be with his friends. I’ve known Luka Sabbat for years, even though he hasn’t been on the show. It’s just cool to be around people I already know. So I was unjudged on top of being unjudged. do you understand what i’m saying? it was perfect.

You said that you have been dating actors Justin Skye and Trevor Jackson for some time. Did you get any hints from them?

I didn’t have to ask for pointers because my character isn’t just named Slick, he’s actually me. They gave me the leeway to switch things up. I was. I can’t say it any other way. They’re like, “Okay, this is our survey. This is how we look at you, but how do you look at yourself?” I met them along the way and was able to move forward.

“It really breaks my skin when I can’t be myself because it took me so long to be myself in the first place.”

Resurrection of Slick
Photo by Anthony Stevens. Styled by Tanner Blake.

What do models and actors have in common?

Slick Woods: What are the similarities between modeling and acting? Well, the way I model, I always dress myself. just pick what you want and leave if you don’t wear it. I watch a lot of anime, so I had that character in my head. I’m probably boring you.

Not at all.

Modeling and acting is about having a character in your head.what it really isn’t Me I want it on the scene, that’s what I feel.

I’m not a very good actor when it comes to acting in models and cross paths. I think it’s like But I think it wouldn’t have been so rough if I had been myself for everyone in this situation. For everyone. I’ll complain if it’s not convenient for me. Because it took me so long to be myself in the first place.

time taken to shoot Goldie?

It was about 30 days.

Oh wow.

But our turnaround was around 4-5 hours. And we were shooting most of it in Poughkeepsie. Part of it was in the Bronx, but I just came all the way back to Bushwick and looked back. that was all. It was right around that time when people were playing Pokémon app games. Some people were running around trying to catch Pokemon.

I had a really strong mentor. I quit movies about 40 times a day. One of the main people who helped me through it all, she made sure to come every time I called her to come back to shoot her movie.

Also, I had never been around my kids so often before. And it’s hard to relive much of the trauma of the past, and we tend to run away from things when they happen. We wanted to do it right, because we were going to do it right. I watched my mother get arrested and didn’t want that part of my life to play out a certain way. I wasn’t acting in that part.

“Are we really healed, or are we going to dust them with flour and fry them again?”

Do you think the realism you were able to bring contributed to the success of the project?

I think everyone on set really came together as a team.We made it possible, but Sam de Jung [the director of Goldie] He’s a very creative director and all his projects are based on real events from his life, so he knows what he wants. I wanted to show him the woman he fell in love with. But at the same time, I couldn’t be too far away from myself.

How did you heal after discovering and having to relive so much trauma?

Are we really healed or do we dust it with flour and fry it again? We evolve, adjust and change, so I don’t think we can truly heal. All I do for myself is to heal, to be vulnerable. Cry when you cry, yell when you yell. It rains, I feel the rain first. I am very vulnerable even to my appearance and I have nothing to hide. And I’m a crybaby You shower and cry and get through the day for the day — you don’t even grieve. you have to put it out

that’s right.

Slickwoods: [Cry] Because you can’t save the world, you can’t do this, you can’t heal orphans and abused animals. what am i gonna do I’m going to cry early in the morning and then clean it up.

Resurrection of Slick
Photo by Anthony Stevens. Styled by Tanner Blake.
Resurrection of Slick
Photo by Anthony Stevens. Styled by Tanner Blake.

What did you show me as a model?

Modeling has taught me that if you keep your mouth shut, you go deep sh–. When you speak, when you speak, when you let people know what you want, and when you want it, it’s… a closed mouth is inedible. I’ve already humbled myself to learn, f-that. I’m sure now fit. I’m going to say Broken or cocky with modesty and checkbooks? what you want? do you understand what i’m saying?

As Black women, we are taught that we must be quiet about our needs and achievements. Connect. This is the perspective you need Have Something to say. Being humble is almost a luxury.

I look at all these young girls and they sit there and take it, they take it, they take it. And sometimes it gets nerve-wracking to the point where you have to tap one of these young girls. No, you don’t want to take off all your clothes. I know how uncomfortable you are. ”

I don’t mind, so I take off all my clothes. But if you see a Russian 15-year-old girl sitting there and believe and believe that a Russian black girl is sitting there, they are sitting there and they are 15 I think it’s because I’m old. They don’t know. All right. you’re not going anywhere they have already booked you. Please tell me how you feel. It could be something as simple as putting it on your shirt or something. So that you don’t have to take it all.

What are your aspirations for your acting career?

I am kind I work on my own time, but I do it. I’m not going to take no sh- And I do my best not to tell them anything –. We remember birthdays and names. We try to be there for them as much as we can. Because they know he wakes up four hours earlier than I make the set. You have to remember everyone’s likes and dislikes and be there for them.

just because [I’m] Actors don’t mean they’re smaller than me. Being thoughtful is what I like to do. Because I learned it from Rob. Rob remembers people’s birthdays, nicknames, and mom’s names.

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