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Didithe 52-year-old flaunted his version of the Joker Batman Comic book and movie franchise, his latest twitter video! The rapper is dressed to impress in the legendary character’s famous costume, which wears a purple blazer over a green vest and tie, with her face paint and hair on point. Halloween spirit. He was standing in what appeared to be a garage of some sort, and had the best Joker laugh in the clip as the people behind the camera couldn’t contain their own laughter.

“Hi my friend I’m Joker. Hijacking Halloween! Hahahaha,” Diddy captioned the tweet containing the video. He also added Joker, middle finger, and pumpkin emojis before receiving comments from fans praising his spectacular costume.

Many revealed it was the best version of the Joker they’d ever seen, while others admitted it reminded them of the deceased. heath ledgerversion of of the character he played in 2008 dark Knight, It was released shortly after his death from an accidental overdose at the age of 28. Because you are doing a great job. We need a new Joker movie with you,” wrote one fan.

In addition to his tweet, Diddy said Instagram share it some pictures and other video clips of appearances.In one clip he said hello Tyler the Creator Among the characters, the fellow rapper couldn’t help but smile as he sat in the passenger seat of his truck. Good night,’ he said.

heath ledger
Heath Ledger as Joker in “The Dark Knight..” (Everett Collection)

Another clip showed Diddy standing on an outdoor sidewalk, still in character, walking up to the camera. “So tonight is going to be a special night. Everybody’s serious, but it’s time for some club love,” she improvises, pretending to bite the camera. The talented star shared a video of herself sitting in a makeup chair right before transforming into her character, wishing everyone a happy and safe Halloween.

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