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Performative Popup | Messenger. Photo courtesy of Lauren Desberg.

of the month LA art The blog features Performative Pop-Ups. messenger.

What is Intimacy? Intimacy, trust and care for individual selves within a relationship – what kind of relationship is it? Often used in the context of romantic relationships, performance popup extends this familiarity to.. well.. performant popups.

Founded by Mia Orozco, Performative Pop-Ups is a force and vessel for curated performances and artistic experiences that enable community connection. In addition to this link, Performative Pop-Ups stimulate the senses of the audience and inspire many aesthetic aspects. With her international reach and her contributions, Mia Orozco leverages her pop-up performances in ways that live up to her name.

“A performative pop-up can happen in any city, any state, any country, in a hotel, along a river, in an abandoned wine factory…”

No wonder so many artists and dancers were drawn to Orozco’s brainchild. Performative Pop-Ups is a platform for experienced artists and those looking to gather lines on their resume.

Performative Popup | Messenger
Photo credit: Michael Palma

I was honored to be a part of Performative Pop-Ups. messenger. messenger We invited intimate groups of onlookers to move into both the community, the communal spaces, and Laurie Shapiro’s now-lost art studio (Shapiro recently did an upgrade and certainly made us a huge success! sent out).

Performative Popup | Messenger
Photo credit: Remo Fioroni

An immersive dance performance by Julian McKee, produced in collaboration with Olivia Mia Orozco, messenger It premiered this summer and disappeared quickly. A distinct mixture of the artificial world and the natural world as a whole, messenger Based on the Hopi mythology centered around the earth and its indoctrination. For Orozco, the hummingbird symbol is not only tied to the creation myth, but also to the belief that the hummingbird is her personal custodian. “For Orozco, messengers come ‘when I’m on the right track.’ When I’m in tune with my joy and bliss, and when I’m exactly where I should be.”

Performative pop-ups question the ephemeral nature of live art. Where is the dance when it is danced? where does it go? Not as obvious as the works in the Louvre or LACMA?

Curator (and performer):

Olivia Mia Orozco

messenger Performer:

Julian McKee



The following performance popup displays:

6th annual film festival

Saturday, November 5, 2022

mimoda screening


Online Festival November 5-12

https://nohoartsdistrict.com/performative-pop-ups-the-messenger/ Performative Pop-up | The Messenger – NoHo Arts District

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