Parkland shooting escaped death sentence

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A jury in Florida decided on Thursday Parkland Shooter Nicolas Cruz escaped Sentenced to death and instead faces life in prison without parole.

Cruz, 2018 killed Fourteen students and three staff members at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Prosecutors claimed his crimes were premeditated, heinous, and cruel. In accordance with Florida law, criteria must be established to determine whether a death sentence should be imposed.

However, the jury was unanimous that Cruz, 24, should have been executed given what some jurors believed was a mitigating factor influencing Cruz’s serial killings. Couldn’t agree. Cruz’s lead attorney claimed His birth mother’s heavy drinking left him with a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder that was not properly treated.

The mother of one of the victims spoke of Thursday’s results.The jury’s decision “just makes us want to fight even harder for change with our inner fire,” says Lori Alhadev Said“And know that we have to… work harder, because this can’t happen.”

Tony Montalto, the parent whose daughter was shot, also spoke out against the decision. She deserved more.”

Cruz’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for November 1, 2022.

https://www.essence.com/news/nikolas-cruz-parkland-no-death-sentence/ Parkland shooting escaped death sentence

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