Park Min-young separates love and marriage in ‘Contracted Love’

Park Min Young character covenant love Divorced many times and still in my mid 30s. It’s not that Choi Sang-eun is difficult to live with. It’s just that her marriage is all contractual. For a certain amount of money, she pretends to be someone’s wife. This often involves filling out paperwork or walking down a physical aisle. She marries clients to make her grandparents happy, to impress her friends, or to hide the fact that she doesn’t really want to get married.

Everything proceeds according to the rules of the contract. Sang-eun makes her contract and goes home, and when her marriage has served its purpose, she divorces uncontested.

Growing up, she mastered this strange way of making money to pay off the debts she incurred.Now in her 30s, she realizes she must retire soon. has a very limited number of wedding venues where she can marry before someone recognizes her.

She plans to escape her life and head to Canada with her gay roommate, who is also one of her former fake husbands.

This is Jeon Ji-ho, the last client played by Ko Kyung-po. Ji-ho, who is very quiet, only wants to eat with her three days a week and she rarely speaks to her, but she touches her heartstrings. Either he has a mysterious trauma or is secretly obsessed with her, so it’s dangerous.

Added to the mix is ​​actor Kang Hye Jin, played by Kim Jae Young. The actor’s life is always complicated by the number of women who fall in love with him, but he still longs for his first love, which may turn out to be Sang Eun.True k his drama. As in, he becomes her last fake husband’s neighbor.

The premise of the drama is bright and bubbly, but the story is not without shadows. There are murders and stalking and, as Sang-eun’s roommate says, she seems to be allergic to happiness. there is. True Marriage or Murder? As an aside, tvN’s dramas are full of vague and non-trivial references to other dramas. Goblin, Ikase game, you who came from the stars When Eternal Monarch.

As the queen of romantic comedy, Park always succeeds in making her co-stars look good, and this drama is no exception.her last role love and prophecy Song Gang and before her private life with Kim Jae Wook.

In this drama, we will create a chemistry with Ko Kyung-po, who has appeared in dramas in the past. private life When best delivery mancan be seen in the movies soul vibesHer other co-star Kim Jae-young said, reflection of you and drama beautiful love, beautiful life When secret boutiqueHer on-screen roommate Kang Hyun-sook Lost, my hometown cha-cha-cha When Dodo Sol Sol La La Sol.

The drama airs on viki.com.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/joanmacdonald/2022/09/23/park-min-young-separates-love-from-marriage-in-love-in-contract/ Park Min-young separates love and marriage in ‘Contracted Love’

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