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Paris Hilton She was all Y2K nostalgia dress up as Sailor Moon with her husband Carter Reum Playing love interest Tuxedo Kamen on the beloved Japanese series, the 41-year-old socialite wears her high blonde pigtails, reminiscent of the character’s signature “meatball” bun hairstyle from the ’90s show. She put her own spin on the school girl-inspired look with a sequin twist on her silver sparkly bustier and big red ribbon. added.

Taylor Swift hugs husband Carter Reum outside George Clooney and Rande Gerber’s Casamigos party. (Getty Images for Casamigos)

She shared a kiss and hug with Carter, who was dressed as the Masked Crusader, also known as Darius on the show. He is also the central source of support for Sailor Moon and her team of Sailor Guardians, and he often fights alongside them.

In other photos shared by her InstagramParis posed as the character revealing her knee-high red boots and gold headpiece. Said wrote in her captionThe series began in Japan in 1992, but the dubbed version debuted in the US in 1995, just three years later, when Paris was about 14 years old.

This isn’t the first time the “Stars Are Blind” singer has chosen to go as a superheroine, as she revealed back in 2014 that she was gearing up for a Sailor Moon costume. [I have] “This sexy Sailor Moon costume, sexy Minnie Mouse, and goddesses, unicorns, and mermaids,” she said. E.T. at the time.she Also Dressed as Sailor Moon in 2019. There are some differences. above knee versionShe also had another sidekick, including Chihuahua Diamond Baby as Serena’s pet cat Luna.

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