Paramount Media Networks and MTVE Launch “Hidden Healers” Mental Health Series

Back in May, MTV Entertainment Studios Mental Health Youth Action Forum At the White House, a group of young mental health leaders talked about projects they were shepherding and paired with mentors to help bring their stories to life. Also included was a group of advocates for the Hidden Healers, an organization that seeks to strengthen mental health measures that respect community and cultural heritage.

Today, in conjunction with World Mental Health Day, MTVE and Paramount Media Networks hidden healer A digital series created in collaboration with these four young leaders. (Disclaimer: MTVE is the sponsor of his upcoming Hollywood & Mind Launch event, led by the writer of this article.)

said Brianna Cayo Cotter, senior vice president of social impact at Paramount Media Networks & MTV Entertainment. studio. “We are thrilled to bring to life this unique and timely initiative that furthers our shared mission to normalize and expand the mental health conversation.”

The first digital video in the series will be released in November to coincide with Native People Heritage Month. Others include Black History Month (February), Women’s History Month (March), Arab American Heritage Month (April), Asian American Pacific Islander Month (May), and Caribbean American Heritage Month (June). May), and Latino Heritage Month throughout 2023. Mon (September 15th to October 15th)

“Practicing mental health is not always easy, especially for young people with intersectional or marginalized identities. It is caused by barriers and influenced by cultural biases that prevent people from taking action,” said AAKOMA Project founder and creator of Hidden Healers.

“The Hidden Healers is a diverse group of innovators who bring awareness to achievable, affordable and comprehensive care methods, ultimately enabling everyone to imagine themselves as people who can thrive.”

The series is the first MTVE programming initiative to emerge from a May event led by First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, U.S. Surgeon Dr. Vivek Mercy, Ambassador Susan Rice and Selena Gomez.

Many other collaborations with roots in the Youth Action Forum are also underway.Among them, one of the participants launched a mental health-focused Pinterest
TV series stove story, Pinterest is also developing new mental health campaigns for its platforms, along with six other platforms. Anchor by Spotify is working with several young leaders to produce a podcast on mental health. mind in progressby Gomez’s Rare Impact Fund rare beauty selected five young leaders as its first Rare Impact Ambassadors.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/cathyolson/2022/10/10/paramount-media-networks-mtve-launch-hidden-healers-mental-health-series/ Paramount Media Networks and MTVE Launch “Hidden Healers” Mental Health Series

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