Pantera teases return to live performances

Ahead of their upcoming show at Mexico City’s Heaven & Hell Festival on Friday, December 2nd, Pantera has finally started teasing their long-awaited return to the stage.apart from shorts promotion video The band’s social media announced in August, confirming rumors at the time that Pantera had “reunited.” The remaining Original Her members, Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown, have remained relatively silent since the reunion was announced. It’s a bit strange, considering guitarist Zakk Wylde and drummer Charlie Benante have been candid about their recent reunion. interviewbut it could also be due to the fact that he has big shoes to fill by replacing the backbone of Pantera, brothers Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell.

But this week, things seem to be starting to change, as Pantera bassist Rex Brown shed some light on the band’s upcoming shows.brown on instagram Position Pictured with Wilde and Benante in what appears to be the band’s rehearsal space. The photo was accompanied by the following text:

“Get ready, this is going to be a hell of a ride…and some!! It was the beginning of a ZW session that grew into a monster…5 days to Mexico City!! Bolting in…”

Shortly after Brown’s post, the band’s official social media pages read, another A short teaser video that gives a quick introduction to the four members getting ready in the same rehearsal space.

The video doesn’t offer much on what the band’s stage production looks like at these shows, but it’s worth noting that Zakk Wylde isn’t Dime’s personal Washburn or Dean’s Ax, but rather his own signature guitar. It was shown wielding one. rumored According to Dimebag’s former Guitar Tech (who is returning as Zakk Wylde’s tech), Wylde will be using some of Dime’s signature gear for the Pantera reunion show. Of course, the band’s rehearsal equipment may differ from the equipment they use when they finally take the stage, but promo videos and Brown’s Instagram posts show Wilde using Dime equipment. not shown to exist.

It seems like a pretty minor nuance, but fans seem to have noticed and expressed hope in the comments that Dimes’ gear will return. It became clear that there was an intention to honor the Hopefully that means getting closer to the actual sound and aesthetic that both Dime and Vinnie brought to Pantera.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/quentinsinger/2022/11/27/pantera-begin-teasing-their-return-to-live-performance/ Pantera teases return to live performances

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