Outspoken Critic of Kanye West’s ‘White Lives Matter’ T-Shirt Gabriella Karefa-Johnson Speaks Out

Kanye West attacked Vogue fashion editor Gabriella Kalefa Johnson when she criticized her White Lives Matter t-shirt by calling her his “sister”. posted on Instagram next to a photo of Kalefa Johnson on Tuesday night.

I had a two-hour meeting with Gabrielle at 5 and hadn’t eaten at FERDIE, New York City’s famous Italian restaurant since then, so I’m not going to sleep tonight. , said Elvis movie director Baz Luhrmann filmed their encounter at the request of Vogue’s Anna Wintour.

After the event, the Donda rapper claimed to have posed for photos but was told not to share them online. You said on his blog that she believed Kalefa Johnson was being used as an advocate for her company when she commented on my expressions. She has since disputed this.

He said, “We apologized to each other for how we hurt each other. We got along and faced a struggle to be included in a world that wasn’t ours.”

She disagrees with how the rapper put his message together. But we at least share a common appreciation for her FERDIE and FASHION.

West seems to be making amends, but Gigi Hadid wasted little time standing up for her friend by telling the rapper the exact spelling of her friend’s name: It’s Gabriella*.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, Vogue condemned Ye’s behavior as an employee and revealed that he and Karefa-Johnson had met.

Global fashion editor and key veteran contributor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson fully supports Vogue. However, her bullying and harassment were clearly directed at her. In her statement, the publication called its actions “inappropriate.”

More than ever, people like her need to speak up, and in today’s one-on-one meeting with Ye, she did just that.

https://celebrityinsider.org/an-outspoken-critic-of-kanye-wests-white-lives-matter-t-shirts-gabriella-karefa-johnson-has-spoken-out-534448/ Outspoken Critic of Kanye West’s ‘White Lives Matter’ T-Shirt Gabriella Karefa-Johnson Speaks Out

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