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When Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks, the world listens. It’s not the accent, it’s not the language (be it Hindi or English). He is more than a rigorously practiced orator because every word he utters is sincere.

not easy Prime Minister Narendra ModiThere are so many haters, so much hatred, that it feels like he’s thriving under the malevolent gaze. The more haters hate, the more Prime Minister Modi blooms.

Fortunately, his detractors do not define Modi’s illustrious trajectory as an Indian architect towering over today’s world map. Among his many qualities, I appreciate the fame that Prime Minister Modi has brought to India and Indians on the global platform.not since Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Has there ever been an Indian Prime Minister who is so proud that we are Indians? Standing there, he is tall and stately, confident and visionary. His fashionable jacket adds his two elements to his personality. However, there is more to his personality than just his demeanor and clothing.

When PM Modi speaks, the world listens. It’s not the accent, it’s not the language (be it Hindi or English). He is more than a rigorously practiced orator because every word he utters is sincere. And this applies not only to his political speeches.I was completely blown away by his speech on the Goddess. Lata Mangeshkarji (We both PM Modi and I are fans of her) at a memorial service arranged by her family.

Prime Minister Modi arrived from Jammu at the Mumbai venue at the appointed time, sat down and, after patiently waiting for other excruciatingly boring speeches to finish, spoke for nearly an hour without referring to any documents on Rataj.

And what a speech it was! It must have taken weeks of research. But what we heard that night wasn’t a surveyed and rehearsed panegyric: a true fan, a true admirer, from her life in Rataj, telling even her most stubborn me. I heard that Bakuto,I did not know.

Thank you Prime Minister Modi for giving Rataj and Indian cinema the respect it deserves. I remember many times my conversation with Rataj on ‘Narenbai’. Rataj always called him on his birthday and Raksha sent him a present in his bandhan. Rataj saw Modi as the architect of the new India. She admired people more than politicians.

Rataj also praised Modi for giving up all personal allegiances to devote himself to the nation. Building the life of a true politician involves so many sacrifices. Strangely enough, we don’t look at the sacrifices made by Prime Minister Modi. We never talk about how lonely he must be at night when he’s alone in his private space after spending the day sorting out the country’s affairs.

Above all, I think PM Modi has given India the right to feel proud to be an Indian. For a very long time, I didn’t feel like I was a third world citizen. He also gave Hindus the right to feel proud. Hindu pride is misinterpreted as denying other communities and religions.

I believe that Modi’s Hindu philosophy as a keystone of secular India has no place for Islamophobia, Christian phobia, or parsiphobia. Therefore, I am convinced that he is an enthusiastic follower’s brain waves that should be suppressed.

I don’t think Modi makes fools suffer easily. Also, he doesn’t encourage hangers-on or psychophiles. He makes his own decisions and sticks to them. He may not be the perfect savior we once expected to become the leader of our nation.

But he is someone who means what he says.

Subhash K Jha is a Patna-based film critic who has been writing about Bollywood long enough to know the Bollywood industry thoroughly. He tweets at @SubhashK_Jha.

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