One Broadway show Adele would consider for EGOT

Adele doesn’t expect a Tony Award nomination to cement her status as a member of an elite group of EGOT-achieving individuals anytime soon. But as she says, she should never say.

The current Emmy, Oscar and Grammy winner revealed her secret music career ambitions at a fan event celebrating Broadway World’s recent music video for I Drink Wine.

False Warning: Adele is not a big Broadway fan. Yeah ok. For clarity, I am referring to musicals. I’ve been to a few plays, but need to see more live theater to make an informed decision.

But when it comes to Arthur Lorenz’s Gypsy, Adele saw the work and was moved by the song “Rose Turn.” The mother character was one of my favorites. She envies her own child and is completely absorbed in her idea that she has to do all these things for herself and she wrote a song about it. I’ve even been there. For a while, I was able to peg her as her superficial bitch.

A weekend residency with Adele at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace is set to begin in November and run through March 2023. Change it so she might win a Tony Award for it.

I don’t want to do it because I haven’t seen it much [of Broadway] as an adult. Should I expect to go from Las Vegas to Broadway and be nominated for a Tony Award? Adele said, “I actually like the sound of EGO more than EGOT,” causing laughter from the crowd. It’s fun to have a healthy ego. On the one hand, we must always consider the possibility of something. If I moved to New York and was bored, I would definitely be on that stage.

https://celebrityinsider.org/the-one-broadway-show-adele-would-consider-for-her-egot-536022/ One Broadway show Adele would consider for EGOT

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