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Filmmaker Sarwan Kumar Thak passed away on August 25th, 15 days ago. Usha Khanna, the filmmaker’s wife and legendary music director, didn’t speak much at the time.

It’s time to catch up with her and tell the world her love story. That’s what most people don’t know. We at ETimes gave her a call and Usha Khanna told us about it.

Here is the conversation we had:

Rewind your entire love story with Saawan Kumar Tak…
all right.

When and where did you first meet Sawan Kumar Thak?

I was in charge of the music for the movie that Saawan Kumar ji stopped by. he was writing the song We developed a close relationship almost instantly.

after that?

He immediately signed me up for his next director (then) ‘Hawas’. In the process, our friendship developed into love.

Did either or both of you meet parent/family resistance?

No, actually our family attended our wedding.

What happened seven years after you two got divorced?

it happens. After a few years, you start hating certain things about the people you hang out with. Better to break up and live apart than to constantly quarrel. But we didn’t get along. My understanding began to fade. We decided, ‘
Apu Apni Jaga, Main Apni Jaga– But let’s stay friends’.

I miss my friends today (cries).
Shadi Ke Rishte Main Nahin Hoi, Joe who understands Hamari’s friendship.

When was the last time you talked to him?

We spoke on the phone four days before he died. He asked me to come to lunch. Please wait a few days. Currently we are fasting as we are in the month of Savant. He asked me when my fast would end. I told him, “It ends on August 28th. I’ll see you on the 28th.”

When was the last time you met Sawan Kumar Thak?

about a month before he died. I went to his place.

Were the two of you in touch that often?

Oh yes. Whenever we had free time, we were trying to catch up. He loved playing cards. he was participating.

Did you go to his house when he died?

No, I didn’t (tears up).

What do you mean…

Ab chale gaye, toh kya jaake karungi? He sent me a photo from the hospital where his son was admitted. He also sent me pictures of his final ceremony.

It’s commendable that you two got along so well despite ending your marriage…

Everyone in the industry saw us in constant gelling and wondered if we really broke up. Rajesh Khanna I used to ask if we were deceiving our worlds apart. The choice of singers was no different. Whatever the name of the song, Saawan ji will fit it. And I just followed him in whatever variations or specifications he wanted with my voice in his movies.

Could it be that Saawan Kumar Tak was too friendly with many girls?
Kya unke kuch rishtey huye the?

HueI said we should be separate and I won’t disturb him after that (in his personal life).

But it hurt you…

Dekhiye, dukh toh hota tha (Sadness is evident in such matters); after all, we were a man and a wife.

after that?

Bas, maine kaha, aap apni jagah rahiye aur main apni jagah rehti hoon (Let’s stay under different roofs). I didn’t want to keep fighting over him.

Was that one of the reasons you ended your marriage with him? His lifestyle, that is…

Does that mean he has a share of his girlfriend (after marriage)? Well, they came to him themselves. what can he do

I ask again:
Was that one of the reasons you ended your marriage with him?

Yes, relationships are like glass. A crack had occurred. But I didn’t let it take over me and make me better.

That’s good, otherwise it could have affected your health…


But did he refuse to listen to you when you tried to explain his wrong ways to him?

Frankly, I never tried to explain to him. If a girl called him, in fact if I answered the phone, I always gave him the phone.
Radhika ka phone aaya hai, aap baat kar lijiye‘.

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