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Making of Pratik Gandhi

it took 15 years Pratik Gandhi To break out in the Hindi film industry with Harshad Mehta Fraud 1992. Gandhi believes there are two stages in life as an actor. One before the scam and he’s one after the scam. Both stages were equally fulfilling for him as a craftsman.As Atiti Boot Bhava Along with today’s release, Firstpost has an exclusive interview with him. He talks about #BoycottBollywood culture and how Scam gave him recognition as an actor.

Edited excerpt from the interview:

about your role Atiti Boot Bhava

the character’s name is Shrikanth And he shares a love-hate relationship with his girlfriend. I play the role of a comedian who meets the ghost of his grandson from his previous life. Actor Jackie Shroff plays the role of a ghost who refuses to leave his surroundings due to unfinished business. My character undergoes an interesting transformation when I meet Jackie Shroff.

Lessons learned from the actors of yesteryear…

This is my second time working with Jackie Shroff. Working with him made me realize how honest he is. His emotions are unique and unfiltered. It’s a lesson or takeaway that comes from working with his talented actors. Jackie Shroff is a fine craftsman whose warmth and personality is second to none. He remembers his first movie with him. He made me feel very comfortable.

How you travel and play in the entertainment industry Harshad Mehta of ‘Fraud 1992′ changed your life?

It completely changed my life.gained recognition as an actor scamDoing this role was like a dream come true for me. When I played the role of Harshad Mehta, I forgot about the negative streaks of the character and focused on focusing on the positive aspects.

I think there are two different phases in my life. One before fraud and one after fraud. As an actor, the satisfaction I get through Scam is incredible. Now my director, producer and most importantly my audience have confidence in me and my craft it was after his Scam that people started approaching me with a script , I was offered a variety of challenging roles.

Your Journey in the Entertainment Industry…

I have been around for the last 17 years.So scam There was an incident that helped my work reach a wider audience. But I come from a theatrical background, so the journey before that was also exciting. There are many artists in my family, but none of them are professional artists. So I am the first person in my family to make a living from art. Theater taught me the craft so well that I was looking forward to going on stage and breathing with the audience. But at some point it reached a saturation level. But theater gave me my first stepping stone. gujarati moviesrear raju” and received the National Honor Award.

The journey was very difficult. But it was rich at the same time.I was 40 when I took a break scamLooking back now, I feel what happened, at the right time and at the best of times. Nothing in life should come easy. I got it the hard way, so I value it more this time.

With the advent of OTT, the concept of heroes and heroines has disappeared… Do you think it would have been better if there had been a digital platform from the beginning?

Yes, OTT has brought a lot of changes to the concept of heroes. I’d rather put it this way, everyone is a hero now. It has made great strides in cinematic art in terms of format, content selection. If OTT had been there sooner, I am sure it would have helped me and many other actors who had to wait a long time to get their chance in the entertainment industry.

Is Bollywood losing its swag to local cinema?

Regional films are always rich in content, artist selection and storytelling formats. I feel that regional cinema is always experimenting with new things, unlike Bollywood. Luckily, audience tastes are changing, so awareness is growing.

Above boycott bollywood And the cancellation culture…

Must stop. Not only actors are affected, but also those who work in the industry. I don’t know the logic behind it and where it’s coming from.

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