Olivia Wilde spoke out about her criticism of being a parent and a woman

Wilde, 38, opened up about the hatred she received after breaking up with her ex Jason Sudeikis In a new cover story for the October issue of Vanity Fair. She also praised her for being “f–ing tough.”

she honestly said [custody] paper. Women criticized me for divorcing Jason.

She argued that some people believe it’s okay to call my family or me a terrible slander. Harm my child or me, or suggest that I should lose my child.

She points out that much of the criticism stems from her photo with Harry Styles, emphasizing that she and her ex-husband have equal custody of their children.

I believe their father would be a great parent when they are together. This way, while they are not here, I continue to live my life, she said. But the criticism I received for the way I live my life.

Our marriage had already ended before I contacted Harry, she claimed. formally severed ties with We were raising two children during lockdown, so we were co-parenting during that period, she added.

According to Wilde, we can be good parents as friends living in separate homes, so after it becomes clear that doing so is no longer good for the children, it becomes appropriate not to live together. became.

After getting his children’s names tattooed on his arm in late 2017, the fellow drinking actor paid tribute to his daughter Daisy, 5, and son Otis, 8.

Renowned tattoo artist Dr. Woo posted a photo of his new artwork on Instagram. On Olivia’s right arm is Otis’ name and on her left arm is Daisy’s name in beautiful script in his font.

https://celebrityinsider.org/olivia-wilde-discussed-the-critiques-made-of-her-for-being-a-parent-and-a-woman-532552/ Olivia Wilde spoke out about her criticism of being a parent and a woman

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