Olivia Wilde Reportedly Abandoned Puppies To Spend More Time With Harry Styles

Actress Olivia Wilde’s former nanny claimed she got rid of her dog Gordon so Wilde could devote more time to her new boyfriend, singer Harry Styles.

After Wilde left her position, a former worker told the Daily Mail on Tuesday that [at the beginning of November 2020], she showed up for a visit. She casually said, “I have to find Gordon in my second home.”

Jason hates animals and had to leave home immediately. The babysitter claims Wilde, 38, only kept the puppy for looks, and that his 47-year-old actor of Ted Lasso rarely cared for him.

The woman further claimed to have told Jason that she knew someone who loved Gordon and was ready to take him in, to which Jason replied, “Let’s get him out of here right away.”

The dog apparently moved in with Wilde’s dog walker in New York. Other explosive accusations were made, such as a golden retriever being viciously and maliciously attacked by an actor.

Meanwhile, ex-lovers Wilde and Sudeikis met on Monday afternoon to disprove the nanny’s claims.

In a joint declaration, they wrote on page 6, “As parents, we discover that the former nanny of our two young children chose to publicly make such false and defamatory claims about us. I am extremely disappointed.

Her 18 month long campaign of harassment against us, our loved ones, friends and colleagues has finally reached its tragic climax. With the honest expectation of choice, we remain focused on growing and maintaining our children.

https://celebrityinsider.org/it-has-been-reported-that-olivia-wilde-abandoned-her-puppy-in-favor-of-spending-more-time-with-harry-styles-535335/ Olivia Wilde Reportedly Abandoned Puppies To Spend More Time With Harry Styles

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