Offerman Edition 11 Year Old Charred Oak Cask

“My first glass of Scotch was Lagavulin. “And I said, ‘Holy cow! If this is Scotch, you know what the fuss is about. I’ve been ruined by Lagavulin since then. I need a campfire for a glass.'”

Attention park rangers and recreational peated whiskey enthusiasts. Lagavulin Offerman Edition 11 Year Old Charred Oak Cask ($90)as the name suggests, has a sort of smoke to it’s name.

Offerman began handling 206-year-old Islay whiskey in 2014, parks and recreation many years. Coincidentally, series creator Mike Schur’s favorite spirit, Lagavulin, was the whiskey of choice for Offerman’s Pawnee alter ego, Ron Swanson. parks and recreationOfferman said in a call from Chicago: Millions of dollars of TV hours from our show?”

It turns out they were. “So we decided to send Ron Swanson to Lagavulin Distillery to film a little storyline there.” Ron makes a pilgrimage to Islay As he puts it, “God’s chosen elixir is distilled, barreled and prepared for consumption.”

Its introduction at the distillery was the beginning of a nearly decade-long partnership that led to dozens of hilarious partnerships My Tales of Whiskey Video, most famous feature Offerman sitting by Yule Logsipping lagavulin and saying nothing— 10 hours.

Offerman jokes that the partnership has worked quite well. The first representation released in 2019 was Lagavulin’s He 11-year-old whiskey with a strong peated flavor, as he is five years younger than his 16-year-old flagship whiskey. Two years later, his second edition of Offerman, also he was eleven years old, was finished in Guinness casks. 2021, whiskey advocate named Whiskey of the Year.

And despite having a second career as a respected woodworker, he spent about 20 years offerman wood shop In East Los Angeles, where a collective of woodworkers make tables, chairs and other household items, Offerman knows his limits in the world of whiskey. He’s read his two books on cooperation, but no custom-made barrels ship from LA.

“What we’ve learned about cooperation is that we can learn to make barrels,” he explains. way Too long for what others are so good at. So I stopped applying to cooperatives as an apprentice and decided to respect them from afar. “

Wood, of course, is where the real whiskey alchemy happens. His third edition of Offerman (sometimes called “three peat”) uses American red wine and European oak barrels, which are shaved and then re-charred. Unlike previous Offerman his editions, in these casks the spirit was aged for at least 11 full years. The result is the smoky, peaty whiskey the distillery has ever made, reaching 46% ABV. And the creators of That Devout Carnivore recommend pairing the drum with a medium-rare steak.

Many whiskey aficionados are concerned about how best to enjoy a single malt, but Offerman goes with the flow. “I’m happy to have a good cocktail if someone makes me one,” he says. “Or if I was accidentally served Lagavulin with his two cubes of ice, I would never do that, but I would be very happy to receive the gift of a slightly chilled glass of my favorite Scotch.

“I am blessed with a personable personality,” he continues. I usually sit with my friends. “

There is no punchline behind that sentiment. Offerman, who grew up in Illinois and is still close to his family, still can’t believe the serendipity in which art imitated life and inspired a series of eponymous whiskeys. “You know, my family and I come from very humble working-class backgrounds,” he says. And maybe they’ll bring us back next year. “

https://www.forbes.com/sites/karlaalindahao/2022/10/12/nick-offerman-interview-lagavulin-offerman-edition-11-year-charred-oak-cask-whisky/ Offerman Edition 11 Year Old Charred Oak Cask

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