Odel Beckham Jr. and Lauren Wood celebrate the birth of their child

Odel Beckham Jr. and Lauren Wood have just celebrated the birth of a child. Check out the latest posts on this.

Somoene said, “super ring and first birthday after congratulations that burns,” and the commenter posted this: “I don’t read it all, but congratulations.”

The subscriber said, “Odell and Rihanna have kids to have someone check on Drake,” and another follower posted this: “Congratulations. A beautiful family. ‘

Another subscriber said, “She went to look after him and the baby,” and one follower said, “No one reads all this, but congratulations.”

One fan posted this: “Wow, I knew anything was possible when sb finally got from his baby of my childhooddddd,” and more and more people were praising the family.

It has also recently become known that Odel Beckham Jr. is writing a letter thanking Cleveland Brown and more after he was released from the team. Check out the full report below.

It’s been a few days since the Cleveland Browns were released from the #OdellBeckhamJr wide receiver team after being with them since 2019, and although he has moved on to another team, he can’t forget the time in the Cleveland, he Believeland. The NFL player took the time to write a lovely letter to the city, the organization of Brown and the fans, ”TSR notes.

In a letter posted on Twitter, he wrote: “I want to thank the city of Cleveland for welcoming me with open arms.” My goal has always been to help the city of Cleveland become a champion from the first day I became a member of the Cleveland Browns.

He went on to say: “Through all the ups and downs, injuries and rehab, I am forever grateful to have played in front of some of the biggest fans. Doug Pound, I thank you for embracing me and showing me so much LOVE! ”Adele is currently with #LARams and preparing for her game day debut this Monday when the Rams play against #SanFrancisco49ers.

Someone else said, “It’s professional on his part. I would pack my things and say, go to hell. ”

Odel Beckham Jr. and Lauren Wood celebrate the birth of their child

Source link Odel Beckham Jr. and Lauren Wood celebrate the birth of their child

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