October: Varun Dhawan’s Best Hour, Even After 10 Years in Bollywood

No filmmaker working in the Hindi mainstream has a more notable hit rate than Shujit Sarkar. Some might say Rohit Shetty has a long run of successful films and they would be right. They’d be right even if they pointed out that they didn’t. But Sircar is a whole different beast. His four recent releases are his one of the best Hindi movies of the last decade. He isn’t tied to a particular genre or the same set of themes. But more surprising is his unique ability to distill career-best performances from his stars.

For example, he is the first filmmaker to discover. Deepika PadukonePiku’s untapped potential as a serious actor. He is also one of only two directors. Another he is Sriram Raghavan. He understood (correctly) that Gulabo Sitabo star He Ayushmann Khurrana is at his best when playing sketchy men.At Sardar Udam, he pushed Vicky Kaushal to the point of artistic excellence Katrina Kaif You never imagined.Forget everything else, Sirker performed John AbrahamBut we are not here to discuss those movies or stars. We are here to talk Varun Dhawanand his quiet brilliant performance in October.

It remains his best performance in a decade-long career marred by painfully memorable films. It’s a career dominated by characters who can: Dhawan sings, dances, and beats bad guys. Even in his decidedly non-traditional October, his featureless wardrobe can barely hide his bulging muscles.set for a movie Delhi Winter is related to the theme, but you can also imagine everyone breathing a sigh of relief at the excuse of hiding Dhawan’s chiseled body under three layers of clothing.

In October, he plays a hotel management intern named Dan, who at first appears to have a strange interest in his comatose colleague, Siuri. But in the end it becomes so pure that it almost defies definition. Day after day, Dan shows up at the hospital and sits in silence. There’s an element of blind optimism in him that wakes up whenever he’s around her, otherwise Dan is quite the pest around her. He’s entitled, mean, and jealous. However, his one-sided relationship with Siuri changes him.

Dhawan deftly weaves the subtle tones of the film. Dan isn’t the easiest character to understand and, as a result, isn’t the easiest to execute. But it’s mostly on us. Long conditioned to question basic decency, it will take a while for the movie to convince you that Dan has no ulterior motives.

Dan is implied to be on the spectrum, but Sarkar’s direction doesn’t make this a character trait. , allowing Dan to find his own way through life.

The first time I went to see Siuri at the hospital, he didn’t say a word. This scene is Sarkar’s near-metronomical scene between the beeping of the hospital machines and shots of Siuri cocooned in a mechanical cot and Dan’s overwhelmed reaction in her presence. It is emphasized by the back and forth movement. Dan counts the exact number of her protruding tubes.Her: 19.

Later, when he tried to barge into the hospital at night without the all-important night pass, he was gated by rude security guards. serves as a turning point in the evolution of After being denied entry by an overzealous security guard (something most Indians can relate to), Dan sulks on a nearby bench. A stranger offers him his own night pass, but Dan curtly declines him. He eventually sneaks into the building, where he is confronted by another security guard. Dan pleaded with Siuri to let him meet for just two minutes, and after some thought, the kind guard granted him permission.Imandaari se do minutes mein wapas aa jaana,He tells Dan, who can’t believe his luck, largely because he himself isn’t used to treating people with kindness. stop and thank the security guards.

In any other movie, the scene would have ended here. But Sircar and his writer Juhi Chaturvedi add a humorous coda to this tense moment, defining the film’s weirdness. Reaching out to the guards, Dhawan says seriously, with the movie’s best line reading.Aap Hospital ke best watchman ho yaar…” He paused and added: “Apka naam kyahay?” Even the guards are strange. Like perhaps anyone else in his position, he feels patronized.

But October isn’t October with these uncomfortable moments. Playing awkwardness on screen is not easy. Especially when that awkwardness is evident not only to yourself, but to the whole world. Dan does not see anything unusual in his behavior. There lies the key to how Dhawan creates empathy through performance. He takes every scene seriously. He doesn’t wink at the camera or pose like he’s probably used to. Over time, the other characters cease to recognize him as a weirdo and slowly realize that he is perhaps the most sincere person. Funnily enough, Dan’s arc is very similar to Michael Scott’s arc in The Office.

If analysts want to study changes in viewer behavior post-pandemic, they can see ayushman khurana movie, Sure, but Exhibit A should always remain October. Unlike Khurrana’s films, which can broadly fall into the “family entertainer” category, a genre favored in theaters, October, even if released now, is an aggressively bizarre film that can be considered ahead of its time. It’s a movie.

No wonder the box office plummeted dramatically after opening over the weekend. By then, rumors must be circulating about how “slow” it will be, or that nothing will actually happen. There are no false hopes, no big explosions, no happy endings in October. The seasons change, but Dan’s dedication never wavers.

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