Not just Bollywood | World Mental Health Day 2022: Mental health is as important as physical health

Bollywood stars don’t just talk about their celebrity status.rear Deepika PadukoneMany have spoken out about mental health issues after the actor confessed to battling depression. Tiger Shroff I also experienced severe depression after the release of ‘flying jatt‘. shah rukh khan I also went into depression after a shoulder injury. It became clear even after his death. Sushant Singh Rajputhow he also struggled with mental health issues.

We all know that all aspects of life, such as school and work performance, relationships with family and friends, and participation in society, are greatly impacted by mental health issues. Untreated mental health problems can have a negative impact on employment, safety, poverty, homelessness and local economies. They can affect the productivity and health care costs of local businesses, impede the academic performance of young people, and cause disruption to families and communities.

According to the WHO, which estimates about 20% of young people still struggling with mental health, this is only what is recorded, and if we can think about what is not recorded, the numbers are on the rise. social norms have created more struggles in balancing physical and psychological health

That number includes cases such as parental pressure, social pressure to “fit in,” social media and its demands, addiction and peer pressure, disturbed home environments, and many other causes of mental health. is increasing.

Causes Behind Mental Health Problems

Dr Sonal Anand, a psychiatrist at Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai, explains: However, when persistent symptoms are exposed to a lot of stress and impair the ability to perform daily tasks, mental health problems turn into mental illness.

Stressful life challenges such as money problems, losing a loved one, divorce, or persistent illness such as diabetes. Damage to the brain caused by a severe injury (traumatic brain injury) such as a concussion. Traumatic events such as assaults or military combat. “

Post-pandemic mental health issues

The mental health situation for children, adolescents and adults alike has increased post-pandemic. Dr. Anand further said that the COVID-19 epidemic is having a huge impact on our way of life. Many of us are grappling with difficult and formidable problems. By learning proper stress coping mechanisms, you, your loved ones, and those around you will become more resilient.

“There has been an increase in cases of stress, suicidality, fear, depression and social anxiety during and now during the pandemic,” said psychotherapist Padma Rewari. Settling into new norms became difficult during the pandemic, and what was thought about the support systems available at the time was that post-pandemic habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking and gadgets were difficult to break. It was just that.

Dr. Saurabh Mehrotra, Senior Consultant, Neuroscience Institute, Medanta, Gurugram, said: People were exposed to a lot of unverified information via WhatsApp, resulting in a significant increase in anxiety and depressive disorders. People began to have sleep disorders and their sleep-wake cycles were extremely disrupted. I have also noticed increased anger and irritability in some people. “

Fear of catching the virus has led some people to go overboard to maintain hygiene, washing their hands excessively and using hand sanitizer excessively, leading to obsessive-compulsive disorder. are some of the reasons for the increase in mental health disorders since the pandemic.

Mehrotra adds: India. “

Mental health problems in young people and children

Parents may find it difficult to recognize their child’s mental state. Many children who might benefit from treatment do not as a result. Parents must learn to recognize the symptoms of childhood mental illness and how to support their child.

“The quality of the environment in which children and young people grow up shapes their well-being and development. Early adverse experiences at home, school, or online, such as playing, increase the risk of mental illness,” Dr. Anand adds.

Stigma attached to mental health

Mental health issues are stigmatized, but addressing them is an urgent need. Maintaining good mental health and managing mental health disorders are necessary to stabilize constructive habits, emotions, and ideas. A focus on mental health care can increase productivity, improve self-awareness, and strengthen bonds with others.

Relationship between mental stress and heart disease

Dr. Anad said: For example, stress and heart disease are linked, so reducing stress may help heart disease. “

Effects of mental health problems:

  • feelings of anxiety, concern, anger, despair, numbness, or frustration
  • Changes in appetite, energy, desires, and interests
  • You have trouble concentrating or making decisions
  • nightmares or trouble sleeping
  • Physical symptoms include aches and pains, abdominal pain, rashes and headaches
  • Chronic health problems and mental health concerns are getting worse
  • Increased alcohol consumption, use of illegal drugs (such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine), and abuse of prescription drugs (such as opioids)

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