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In an exclusive interview with Firstpost, actor Tisca Chopra discusses her latest series about Dahan on Disney+ Hotstar, the changing representation of women in film, and her journey in the entertainment industry.

actor Tisca Chopra fondly remembered for her memorable performance as the mother of a dyslexic child from . Thale Zamin PaKnown for her skill and her performance in playing unconventional roles, Tisca’s journey in the entertainment industry has not been easy. said I had to. But her life had other plans for her.She took a break to work on her craft and returned with an award-winning film Thale Zamin PaThe movie that changed her entire career graph.

In an interview with Lachmi Deb Roy, the actor says he has a significantly lower bank balance because he chose not to box.

Edited excerpt from the interview:

On the changing role of women and how OTT will give it a big boost.

It’s a blessing to be honest.

Now the female-oriented character is very fleshed out, but that character can have serious flaws. Avni of Dahan It also addresses a major shortcoming on the inside, which we recognize in the first few scenes themselves. is part of

Your opinion on the benefits of the series format…

Unlike movies, series give you a lot of opportunities to develop your characters. And you really get to live with the characters and through so many seasons. It feels like a great opportunity for all the long-awaited actors to showcase their craft.

Tell us about your journey in the entertainment industry.

In the early days of my career, everyone wanted to typecast me, but I have repeatedly rejected stereotypes, and I feel my bank balance is significantly lower. Business and creativity can collide. As actors, we want to play different roles, and we want challenges to stretch and stretch us in different directions. But that wasn’t the case in the entertainment industry to begin with. The turnaround came with the advent of OTT.

about the role you play Dahan

the character i play Avni LautI call her a superhero but she is rooted in India. She is the kind of person you want to be by your side and she is not afraid to take a stand She goes through many struggles to achieve what she is doing in life. She is an IAS Officer. She is given the responsibility of opening a mine in Shirashpura, Shirashpura is a place of mystery, there are many superstitions and myths around it, and many obstacles come when you get there. I am working on my weaknesses. The story is therefore about how she deals with Shirashupura and all the myths and superstitions around her, and how she sets things right.

Stills of Dahan

What was the preparation like and was there any research behind it?

For all my roles, I usually rely on the board of directors. There is a lot of information packed into the story directed by Vikranth Pawar. I literally had to pick a few traits and backgrounds about where she was from and work on her mannerisms.For quite some time my character’s name was MiraI did hostage Hotstar’s character name is Mira And it worked for the show. As such, the team wanted to keep the same name.But I wanted another name and finally found it Avni And I really liked it.

For five months I had to go through intense physical training. Getting in shape was the hardest part. When the shoot took place, everyone was out of lockdown and I had to reach a very demanding fitness level. I wanted to do that, so I split the workout into his two parts, stretching in the morning and yoga, and Pilates in the evening. Then I started doing yoga in the morning, Pilates and brisk walking in the evening, and my evening workout was two and a half hours long.

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