Not just Bollywood | Ritwik Bhowmik on Madhuri Dixit’s Maja Ma: ‘My career was born on OTT’ – Entertainment News , Firstpost

Early in the interview actors bandish bandit Ritwik Bhowmik used to say, “Role is choosing me now.” No big changes, and Ritwik is happy that digital platforms are giving him the exposure he’s always wanted. In an interview with Firstpost, he shares his experience working with Madhuri Dixit on his Amazon Prime Video. Maja Mahis journey in the entertainment industry, the benefits of digital platforms, and more.

Excerpt from the interview:

What was it like working with Madhuri Dixit and the entire cast? Maja Ma?

It was like working as a family.I didn’t do it consciously, but it was very important to me to feel like family. Maja Ma Family is very close to reality. Even if you go to a neighboring house, there are families like this, but there are interesting twists and turns.

Benefits of a digital platform…

The best thing about OTT is that the audience is very global. As an actor at this point, there are thousands of formats available, so it’s a very happy time. That’s the best part of the OTT platform. For me, the movie experience was magical. Maduri Dixit, Rajat Kapoor and Gajraj Rao.I’m a huge Maduri Dixit fan and grew up watching it. DevdasBut I did my best not to look like a fanboy on screen.

Digital platforms are the most democratic platforms, how was your experience as an actor?

My career was born with OTT. So I don’t know about other platforms, or even how it would be on other platforms.The content is growing daily and we are all blessed to see this all-new storytelling exhibit. And we had a great time on the set of Maja MaAll of OTT has only ups. OTT gives the film the option to release in 240 countries, giving it an unprecedented global audience. Now there are so many screens in one house that everyone can watch movies and shows on his platform digitally at his own time. As a performer, that means more reach.

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