NoHo News February 17th. – NoHo Arts District

This is the weekly news of the NoHo Arts District – an update to your North Hollywood art community! We look forward to sharing lots of fun and unique news, events, profiles and updates about what’s happening in the NoHo Arts District.

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This issue of NoHo News tells about what is happening in the art community of North Hollywood, and a selection of some theatrical shows. But we have a lot of them. Did you know that the NoHo arts district has the largest concentration of theaters outside of New York? Just check NoHo District Arts Theater Guide. If you don’t know what to watch, we have theatrical reviewstoo.

Here’s a look at the NoHo Arts District news this week happening in North Hollywood.

NoHo News. Or should everything be a musical? NoHo Yoga Center. Old School Skinny. Fairy of Rage. Never met a jerk I didn’t like. SPF13 challenge. We are making a film. This bitter land. SOLOFEST 2022. #KeepNoHoArtsy.

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NoHo News February 17th. – NoHo Arts District

Source link NoHo News February 17th. – NoHo Arts District

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