Noela Bergener: See you again! For now, Bitter James!

Even though the shots we saw Noela Bergener’s tough divorce was filmed last year, she is still going through.

Both on screen and off camera, she had to adjust to a whole new life – and her husband, who felt it, did not help.

On the horizon is good news for the wonderful The real housewives of Orange County star.

She went further and is now in a relationship. Noella is dating again!

Earlier this week, Valentine’s Day spoke with Noela Bergener E! News with the timely renewal of love life.

– I’m in a relationship! – announced the newcomer, who became a favorite fan.

Noella shared that she intends to “respect” without disclosing more.

While Noella is not quoted as identifying who she is dating, E! News calls his new date a “guy”.

“We’re not announcing yet,” Noella said.

In her head, she added, “I can’t wait to share more.” But she is, in fact, waiting to share more.

Last summer Noella was completely blinded by her now distant ex.

What she considered an unexpected but repaid debt completely exploded in her face.

She went from a happy married woman to a man her husband practically haunted.

James didn’t just leave her and their son, he went a step further.

He filed in Puerto Rico to begin the divorce process. The documents were in Spanish.

This was strange because their family has no real connection to the commonwealth other than owning property there.

Noella also complained that she was cut off from all family finances.

Although she clearly managed to feed herself and her young child, it was a nightmare.

Speaking this week, Noela sheds further light on what stands with the not-so-sweet James.

“The last exchange of texts was that he came to pick up his things,” Noella said.

“He has a quarter-million-dollar wardrobe,” she said.

“He has a car,” Noel added.

Last year Noella was filmed telling her comrades how her husband left everything.

“When I told the women he literally took his toothbrush,” she stressed. E! News“That’s what I mean.”

“Six months ago, a man left home, boarded our private jet and left,” Noella said, “and did not return.”

“He has returned to Orange County several times,” Noela said.

“He comes back every two weeks,” she described.

“I heard that my lawyers were annoyed that I didn’t want to serve him when he stayed at the Hyatt,” Noela noted. “I see accusations.”

So what did Noela think happened?

“He had a midlife crisis combined with shame,” she explained.

Noella continued: “combined with a kind of narcissistic spiral just bats – madness.”

Although this is a painful topic, Noella said she “loved” the opportunity to reveal about this fight with her colleagues.

“I just honestly talked about my life and my journey,” she explained.

“And,” Noel continued, “how it has to do with so many people.”

“And realizing that I’m not alone, that I’m not a freak or an alien, is pretty phenomenal,” Noella said.

“In that sense, it was very helpful,” she commented.

Then Noella said, “Shannon [Beador] it’s amazing. “

“There were real, wonderful moments with all the women,” Noela confirmed.

She recounted in detail that despite their unfriendly status, she had these good moments “even with Heather [Dubrow]».

Noella also made it clear how much she would like to return to next season. Most viewers would also like to see this.

Noela Bergener: See you again! For now, Bitter James!

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