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In the last few days, India has returned to normal. #MeToo movementWhen the country’s most popular reality show featured one of the nation’s most famous perpetrators, it was a slander against millions of women. Women who have bravely spoken out about harassment or who have been supporters of the movement. There was disappointment, disillusionment, disgust and sadness. As with most crimes committed by men, those called out during #MeToowere felt impunity, while women who dared speak up were dragged into court, humiliated and gaslighted. Fired, fired, demoted, trolled, undermined and bullied. She menacedly called her name. The POS men, the creeps, and the ableists to the creeps have been heroes for centuries of misogyny, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and the toxic masculinity that permeates every aspect of Indian society.

When #MeToo came to India in 2018, I remember being able to report women’s stories and make their voices heard. The women who mustered up the courage to stand up to the men who had persistently suppressed them exposed the corruption of the system in the process. But even if I stuck with different aspects of the exercise. From its antecedents to the problems it addressed, the dilemmas it tackled, the path it likely plotted, I was repeatedly asked one question: Meghna, was #MeToo a failure in India?

I understand where this question came from. When men in power face sexual harassment allegations, some of them don’t seem to take these seriously. Almost nothing. Or for Kiran Nagarkar to maintain a stoic silence. Or to say that Chetan Bhagat “forgot he was married”.or Nana Patekar Send Tanushree Dutta Legal notice. Or to say that the company is “investigating” the allegations.

Nana Pathekar and Tanushree Dutta

But nevertheless, again and again, I say the same thing. No, #MeToo is not India’s failure!


#MeToo is one of the biggest feminist movements of the 21st century. Women from all over the world, including India, come together to have her one unified conversation about sexual harassment. Sexual harassment and intimidation have been proven not normal and women don’t have to put up with them. What we saw was the first result of this new result when shame was exposed and men lost their jobs. realization. Arguably the biggest bad guy of 2018, #MeToo helped women speak up and break the culture of silence. In a country where women have always been said to beChaplahoThis was a revelation! Perhaps for the first time in India, a woman not only spoke out, but listened! Isn’t evolution enough?

do you want more OK. we never forgot. The accused men never regained their lost glory. Accused public figures will be interrogated even if public access is granted. When MJ Akbar sent her 97 lawyers after Priyaramani and still won her case in court, we overcame every abuser’s favorite vehicle: gaslighting and intimidation of the victim. It’s a small step for Priya, but a giant leap for the woman.

I heard our courts say that women cannot be punished for speaking out against sexual abuse. have the right to claim There is no statute of limitations. In other words, there is no time limit for reporting abuse. The right to fame is not traded for the right to dignity. We know women can keep their voices up when the country’s laws change shape!

We were encouraging women to speak up, but we also learned how to speak to men. As difficult as this is, I have definitely learned that it is time to separate emotions from rationale. In order to protect the male species that have enjoyed this right for centuries, we were ultimately unwilling to deny the truth. Again, first.

Still not enough?

OK. I learned that #MeToo is a process, not an event. Fighting for people’s rights is always going to be a messy and chaotic process. It can be difficult to understand everything. I made many mistakes, including false accusations, understanding due process, and women who refused to be allies, but I also did many things right. That after centuries of patriarchal rights that treated women as sexual property, famous male abusers no longer single-handedly define what is sexually appropriate for modern society. Even though it was, and still is, one of the main bones of the controversy, we have to some extent understood and distinguished between sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. progress has been made.

Courtrooms, most movies and web series, corporations, families, social circles, and even our own languages ​​have made gender considerations an issue and a reality for those who aren’t living under a rock. rice field.

We began to understand due process for both victims and whistleblowers. Initially, women who were sexually harassed were unable to act beyond their social media testimony. Soon, systems and allies were put in place to assist them. Men either step up or step off. Women got smarter as the burden of proof fell on the victim. In the age of smartphones and dumb guys getting drunk on their own, it’s not that hard. I separated the wheat from the chaff. We found our tribe.

Go to hell with the naysayers. Meera Devi, editor-in-chief of Khabar Lahariya, a woman beyond admiration, said men have stopped sending female journalists pornographic videos, blue films and morphed photos of her on her WhatsApp When it was definitely a win. This was followed by a map of India lit up in areas where #MeToo was spread, with the Indian countryside boldly wearing shimmering red!

#MeToo came to India belatedly better than really late. Converted preaching.

There are still many battles to be won, but that doesn’t take away from the battles big and small we’ve already won!

Meghna Pant is a multi-award winning, bestselling author, screenwriter, columnist and public speaker whose latest novel BOYS DON’T CRY (Penguin Random House) is coming to our screens soon.

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