Nita Chandra Srivastov on the performance of episodes of action in the film “Never Retreat”: I got a cut on my face, I was bleeding on the set – Exclusive | Hindi movie news

Nita Chandra Shrivastova, a girl from Bihar, strikes in Hollywood with her international debut film “Never back down‘. Not many debut stars can boast of the characters written around them, but Nita is one exception. In an honest conversation with ETimes, the actress told about her story of “misery” that made her knock on the door to leave a mark in Hollywood, about the struggle she faced along the way, and about all the exciting new projects that appear on her ways from Bollywood and beyond. … Excerpts:

Congratulations on “Never Back Down”. How do you feel – being part of this franchise?
I’m just shocked by all the reviews I’m getting on this movie. I knew it would happen one day, so very happy with the answer. It received five stars on Amazon. It’s all good because I played one of the main characters in the movie. My producer was so happy and excited, and he told me, “No one in the world would have played the role of Jaya better than you.” While I was filming, I got three applause, and each time differently. I said, “Wow! Are you serious? ‘

Would you say this is the best Hollywood debut you can hope for?

Yes. I think nothing could be better than this. I have a black belt in taekwondo and 3 times advocated for India. My life has always been about martial arts and sports. I was 3 or 4 years old when my mom enrolled me in taekwondo. So my life has always consisted of action. More than physical strength, sports helped me rely on mental strength, which prompted me to this film. I watched all the militant franchises from “Never Back Down” to “The Matrix” to “XXX”. So I think, in a way, I played that role. I don’t think there could have been a better run for me than a militant in Hollywood.

Will you keep up with these female star-fighting roles or will you diversify?

When you watch this movie, you tell me, “Nita, keep making more militants.” People came back to me and said they wanted to see me more. Jaya’s character was written around me after I was met by producer David and writer Audrey. David looked at me for 5 minutes and asked if I could meet him at Sony Studios in three days. After I met the team, David told Audrey, “Write a character as the main character, around Nita and her skills.” That’s how Jaya was born.

Was your journey to Hollywood really easy?

It was definitely not a walk. I had a struggle, the same as when I started my career in Bollywood. I started from scratch. I had to send pictures from the portfolio, meet with casting directors, managers, agents … There was a time when I had nowhere to live. I struggled because it was like starting all over again. It reminded me of moving from Bihar to Bombay. I learned in this difficult path to be consistent.

I have often been told that it is very difficult to have a rest in Hollywood and that people here will not support me. This is true. I supported myself, and there were times when I had neither money nor work, but I didn’t take anything that would regret my acting quality. I didn’t do anything that could put me as an actor.

A lot of these cheap comedies with double meaning got in my way, for which you could pay a lot of money, but I didn’t take it. If you’ve seen me in a special song sequence or “subject number,” you need to understand that I need money. Even then I only danced to the best songs. I performed a song with Surya for “Singam 3”, in a remake of “3 Idiots” or a film by Aamir Sultan. I think I did it all for survival. I used these skills as a trained dancer to survive.

When I talk to people now, they say you have an accent. Yes. I paid the accent teacher to help me get an accent to work here. I’ve been here for three years, so I had to give a thick British or even American accent. I’ve had hard times, but I’d say I’m tougher than my hardest times.

Have you had to face a personal struggle to get to Hollywood?

I was denied a visa when I received this film. I was sitting here in India, and was shocked to receive a Hollywood film, and the British Embassy in Mumbai was closed (it was in 2020). The power of social media is so great that I tweeted to the British Embassy and told them that the Embassy in India is closed and that I don’t know what to do. Then I got the answer that the office in Delhi is open. I left the house with one bag in hand, got in the car at the airport and drove to Delhi. This was during the blockade. On Twitter, I told them I needed a VISA, and told them I wouldn’t go until I got a VISA. I told them I had to catch a flight to London in 48 hours. The next day I was given a visa until 2pm, I returned to Mumbai that night and got on a flight to London at 2am. I want the world to know that if you think about something, you will get it if you put it into your heart and soul. Nothing was given to me easily, and even if something good and easy comes along, I feel like it will disappear in a few minutes.

Who inspires you to keep going?

My mother. She called me a superstar, even though I didn’t know how to spell it. She always persuaded me to keep doing my job and be consistent. In this area, a lot of superstar kids open up easily, but they don’t know how to be consistent because everything is given to them easily. Why? For us too, if you are not of any origin, if you are inconsistent, then you are not.

You play the bright character Jaya; what, playing it, made you understand yourself?

What can I do. Jaya was the dungeon champion. In life we ​​also face the same situations to live and survive. I realized that alone is difficult, but with the help of people it becomes much easier.

Have you used such outstanding martial arts and MMAs as Floyd Mayweather, McGregor or female characters on screen?

It was a very raw film, like episodes of battle. For two months I was beaten every day. Tinman was my fight master, Michael Bisping, the UFC champion beat me up, and I beat him up.

Were there real kicks and punches in the film?

It was. I got a cut on my face. I was bleeding there on the set. People would say, “Nita gave her blood for this movie.”

How would you describe your trip from Bihar to Hollywood?

My trip from Bihar to Hollywood was one of the losers. I was told “no” so many times that I laughed. If you tell me no, I’ll say, “Okay, next! Koi toh haan kahega. ‘

Do you think this step to becoming a world actor has opened many more doors for you?

I think there is. I get calls from all over the world. You can’t blame anyone for this (failures) because it’s a movie affair. No one is responsible for what you get. Why are they responsible (for you)? I later realized it was all business. Only I am responsible for myself. Because of my performance in “Never Back Down” I signed two more Hollywood movies. I am also working on two movies in Hindi.

I fell so hard in my career that after that fall the only option was to climb. I had to knock the door very hard for it to open for me, and eventually they opened. I am very happy about that. I have signed a subscription with a leading Hollywood agency, which will be announced soon. I think everything from my martial arts to working in the theater to giving up has made me work here. I will not only work here (in Hollywood). Wherever good scripts lead me, I will go with them.

What projects have you implemented?

I will be sued. But I took a lot of action. I practiced Japanese sword fighting and kickboxing. Since I’ve been into theater, I’m also looking for dramatic roles. Films should be not only about militants, it should also be a story. Today I think it would be between horror and action, which I love.

Any movie / Hollywood horror series in which you would like to be a part?

I think “Quiet Place” is great. There are one or two more, but I won’t say anything because I can be a part of it.

Have there been any Bollywood movies that have impressed you lately, and in which movies would you like to star?

I really liked “Chandigarh Kare Aashiki”. The thought and concept of all this strengthens the forces. So many years of women being used as props in movies, and the last 8 years with Taopsi Virgo, Kangana Ranaut pushing for content-enhancing content. Even Salman Khan sir and Anushka Sharma made “Sultan,” or Aamir Khan“Dangal”, where the position of women is so beautiful. I would love to work on such films. Whichever actor I work with, I would love to star in such films.

I am proud that such amazing content comes out of India. They touch on new topics, and there is a new wave of filmmakers making films about women’s empowerment and LGBTQ +, trans-girls. I am so proud of that and happy to represent India here. I keep telling my directors and producers to watch these Indian films. I tell them that if they see real films from India, their perception of our country will change.

Tell us about your future projects.

I have two Hindi movies that are ready to go. I don’t know when they will come out, but hopefully it will be everywhere because I haven’t been seen in 5-6 years. With all this situation with Covid there is a lot of uncertainty. I read a couple of scripts. My idea is to work with great content. I have a home in Mumbai and in Hollywood. I also plan to get it in London so that wherever I get a job, I will go there and stay.

Nita Chandra Srivastov on the performance of episodes of action in the film “Never Retreat”: I got a cut on my face, I was bleeding on the set – Exclusive | Hindi movie news

Source link Nita Chandra Srivastov on the performance of episodes of action in the film “Never Retreat”: I got a cut on my face, I was bleeding on the set – Exclusive | Hindi movie news

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