Nintendo says it has increased security after the “gigaleak” of 2020

Following Nintendo “Gigaleak” back in 2020, when a large amount of stolen data leaked to the Internet, including prototypes of classic Nintendo games and N64 games, Nintendo has offered to increase its security measures to prevent anything like this in the future.

The massive data escape saw names like Pokemon FireRed and Leaves are green,, The world is super Mario,, The Legend of Zelda: The Acarina of TimeYoshi’s Island and even some unreleased titles have leaked to the internet.

It is also reported that it contained confidential internal documentation Nintendo DS,, Wii and China-exclusive iQue among other consoles, showing the workflows of systems and the development processes that led to their creation and maintenance.

According to Chronicle of video gamesThe leak was suspected from iQue, a Chinese brand created to release Nintendo content, and BroadOn, another company with which Nintendo has contracted to develop hardware and software for the Wii console.

So far, Nintendo has not made an official statement or response regarding the mass leak, but on Tuesday (June 28) they referred to the incident in response to a question asked at the company’s annual shareholders meeting in Japan.

Twitter user NStyles kindly recorded the meeting, and when using the built-in social media platform translation feature from Japanese to English we can get that during the meeting Nintendo was asked where it is on iQu, especially when it is believed that “some people believe iQue could be a source of information leakage ”.

In response, Nintendo President Shuntar Furukov said, “The PC and mobile gaming market in China is large, but special gaming consoles are not that big. Together with Tencent we want to continue to promote them. We work with experts on information leaks. We have also introduced a new security management. ”

Given that Nintendo is one of the most aggressive in protecting its intellectual property, at the time it was surprising that a data leak of this magnitude at all occurred without public consequences.

In other news, the latest beta is for Overwatch 2 started with a bunch of hero changes, however to those who play the Doctor of Mercy, it is especially difficult.

Nintendo says it has increased security after the “gigaleak” of 2020

Source link Nintendo says it has increased security after the “gigaleak” of 2020

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