Nicole Byer gives the best answer to people who ask her how confident she is, “Why aren’t you confident?”

If you haven’t checked the entertainment predictions lately, Nicole Byerher second fresh off Emmy Award Nominee Nominated for Outstanding Host in a Reality or Competition Program and Outstanding Writing in a Variety Special, Buyers returned for the following season. nailed it!which debuted on Netflix On Oct. 5, she’s starring in a new movie for Comedy Central. cursed friends Broadcast on October 8th.

there are four podcast She hosts: Why Won’t You Date Me, Close friend When Sasir Zamata, new comer with Lauren Lapkus 90 days with Mercy Jarreau.and the upcoming second season ground crew I just started shooting. When it comes to buyers, being booked and busy barely scratches the surface. But she manages to carve out time in her own schedule to talk to her ESSENCE about the grind in Hollywood, the numerous gigs, and the gratitude she feels for the work she can do. gave me

Congratulations Emmy Award NomineeWhat did it mean to you this year to not only be nominated again for Outstanding Host for a Reality or Competition Programme, but also for Outstanding Screenplay for a Variety Special? Nicole Byer: BBW (Big Beautiful Weirdo)?

Nicole Bayer: My first year of being nominated was really wild. what did it look like? To be nominated with such people. People are like, “That’s modesty.” I was like, ‘This is the exact opposite of humility. You can’t tell me anything right now. I’m the fucking best of the best. It was really special that it was recognized because I don’t really host how to host. was of great significance.

Nicole Byer gives the best answer to people who ask her how confident she is,
Nicole Byer

Tell me more about this season nailed it?

Buyer: Well, this season is spooky season.that is Halloween, and does crossovers with several Netflix shows. I wear a lot of very fun things. My Makeup Her artist Jen does a lot of fun things with my makeup. Same with fashion, photography and comedy. It’s fun. It’s really fun.

you also have cursed friends Coming this weekend. Tell us about this movie and your character.

Buyer: This is a ridiculously funny movie from Jessica Lowe, Harvey Gillen, and Andrew Louis Caldwell. Nicole RichieBeing in it, she’s great. I haven’t seen the movie yet because nobody believes me in anything. I tell people everything. I send things that shouldn’t be sent to people. I’m a busy body I like to spread my knowledge. So I haven’t seen the cut yet because I can’t trust it. But it was a lot of fun to shoot. Harvey and I were her two peas in a pod. It was great fun and everyone was amazing. The premise is that these friends have played MASH: Mansion, Apartment, Shack, and House. So we play that game and it tells us what our future will be, but it’s in this book and our future is probably coming true. need to do it. I don’t want to give away too much, but it’s so fun and silly.

Has filming for the second season of ground crew?

Buyer: Episode 4 starts next week. It’s just a dream. It’s a lot of fun doing the show. Created by my friend Phil. We had an improv team in New York ten years before him. Echo, who plays my brother, has been on the sketch team here in Los Angeles for three years. Carl, I improvised, then Gracie, I didn’t know Gracie and Justin, but they’re so, so sweet. It was like hanging out with a fucking friend. A very good time and the vibes are all there.

Nicole Byer gives the best answer to people who ask her how confident she is,
Nicole Byer

I love those time references as I was first introduced to you girl code It was nearly 10 years ago. At the time, did you think you would end up where you are now?

Buyer: I mean, I don’t know, it sounds full of myself, but yeah. To be an actor, to be a comedian, you have to be at least a little delusional. You walk into a room with people who look like you, who may be as charismatic as you, but you say, “I’m better than everyone else who looks like me.” Anyone who says, “No, I don’t believe you,” is lying to you. There’s no way they’re going to walk into the audition room. This person is…” No, you don’t book things.

Were you always confident about your talent, or did you have to learn it to navigate the entertainment industry?

Buyer: I think it’s always been like this. It’s funny, people are saying, “Why are you so confident?” I’m like, “Why can’t you? Why can’t you love yourself?” I look in the mirror and say I put on my clothes and say, “That’s a nice outfit.” People often ask me, “Do you laugh at yourself on stage?” I was like, ‘Yeah, I don’t leave the house and tell jokes I don’t like.

Nicole Byer gives the best answer to people who ask her how confident she is,
Nicole Byer

ESSENCE previously covered a conversation with Taraji P. Henson. diagnosed with ADHDHow does having ADHD affect your creative process? And how does actually knowing you have ADHD affect the quality of your life and work? mosquito?

Buyer: When I was diagnosed, that was kind of why I bounced back, couldn’t get things done, and was focused on my career instead of cleaning something in the house. , but I open it at every show. This is one of the reasons why I was able to complete everything without an assistant. I have one so I don’t know how they did it. Oh, so many other things in my personal life plague me, getting to appointments on time, answering emails, writing this, doing that, doing that.

And I learned that asking for help is not a bad thing. I learned to be kind to myself. If I set a deadline and missed it, sure, yeah, I was staring at a squirrel outside. It’s like, well, it didn’t happen. I have learned to be gentle and kind to myself and try to set different parameters. and you can accomplish a lot. i can’t do that

We talked a lot around competent language These days, when it comes to this disorder, people very casually say things like, “Oh, I have a lot of ADHD,” even though it hasn’t actually been diagnosed. What do you think about that type of language and what do you want people to know about using such phrases?

Buyer: Personally, I’m not here to monitor what people say, but I think people could be a little more careful. “How many times a day do you lose your keys?” “Why do you have so many keys on your keychain?” Um, my keys suck. They are huge and noisy. The reason is that if they are on a table of something and you move it, you can hear them. I lose them all the time. I always lose my phone. I mean, when you say you’re like a little bit, your life isn’t really affected.

My life is deeply affected by it. Why do you want to make a point – I don’t want to say it’s terrible, I’m attuned to it. “Everyone is a little depressed.” No, some people are crippled. depression And you are so flirtatious about it. I wish people were a little more kind.

Nicole Byer gives the best answer to people who ask her how confident she is,
Nicole Byer

What has been the most difficult part of your journey, and what has been the most rewarding job so far?

Buyer: The hardest part is all the rejections you get. It doesn’t get easier. It looks like, oh okay. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than being in the game for so long, but why wouldn’t anyone want to buy this? Or why didn’t I get it? why did she get it? But it didn’t suit me, so I tried to keep an eye on my paper. It’s a difficult thing to keep in your mind.

And what do you find most rewarding? Do not know. ground crew It is quite rewarding. i love that show. It was just me, so doing my special thing was really rewarding. I feel very lucky. I did this commercial where I played a very sassy fairy. I had nothing to do with what the director asked. I could have been more like myself. Still looking back, wow, I can’t believe I started there. Do not know. I really appreciate being able to do so many cool things at once. My web series with Sasheer 10 years ago. I still find it very interesting. I am grateful to have met her. life is good

Did you find it easy to speak up in the industry and talk about your role and how you play certain characters?

Buyer: Yes Yes. There were a few jokes like, “Oh, I can’t say that.” They are like “why?” I said, “Because I think you’re funny. It delivered, too.” If something is unfamiliar, I am not doing it. I’m just going to say Can you think of an alto? I’m sorry,” apologize or do whatever.

Usually people are like, “Yeah, of course.” If not, improvise. Never ask for forgiveness later. I think defending yourself is pretty easy. Because if I don’t do it, who will?

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