Nick Cave responds to criticism of views on Palestine after cancellation of concerts in Ukraine

Nick Cave responded to criticism about his views on Palestine following the cancellation of future concerts in Russia and Ukraine.

Earlier this week (March 1) Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds announced that they have canceled scheduled concerts in Russia and Ukraine this summer because of the invasion of Vladimir Putin, who said, “Ukraine, we are with you.”

In a post to him Red hand files website, Cave responded to a fan who criticized him for canceling those concerts, but refused to do so with concerts in Israel back in 2017 when he continued the show and told the local press that it would be a bold statement against anyone “whoever tries censor and silence musicians ”.

“After all, there may be two reasons why I’m here. One is that I love Israel and I love the people of Israel, and the other is to speak out against anyone who tries to censor and silence musicians. ” Said the Cave at the time. Afterwards he was criticize Thurston Moore, Roger Waters and others.

Nick Cave performs live, 2021. Credit: Getty Images

In a new Red Hand Files post, a fan of the call, Ahmet from Istanbul, wrote: “A few days ago, a message from the band about the Ukrainian situation hit my news feed on my social media accounts. You have expressed clear and unwavering solidarity with the Ukrainians they need all over the world.

“However, the Ukrainian message confuses me that you did not express such support for the Palestinian people. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with your decision to play there, such boycotts, applied without qualifications, have implications for freedom of thought, belief and freedom of speech. Moreover, we value the freedom of artists so much. However, at that time you did not show such clear and indivisible solidarity with the Palestinian people, who are also being subjected to such ill-treatment. “

He added: “In fact, you have described Israel as a functioning democracy and outlined a solution as a political will shared by both sides. However, in my opinion, Israel is first and foremost a party responsible for the suffering of the Palestinians. And it upsets me, because it puts you in a position of double standards. “

Flag of Ukraine
Flag of Ukraine. Credit: Ayhan Altun / Getty Images

In response, Cave wrote: Dear Ahmet. I cannot but agree with you in your letter, except to say that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is simply not the same as the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine; one is a brutal, unprovoked attack by one state on the part of the other in the hope of reconsidering the entire security structure of Europe, and the other is a deeply complex clash between two peoples that is far from easy. What unites these two conflicts is the tragic fate of all innocents who are forced to wander in bomb shelters for fear of their lives, and I deeply sympathize with all such communities, wherever they may be.

“Sincerely, I do not want to repeat my views on Israel / Palestine, but in terms of supporting the Palestinian people, perhaps you should know that over the last twenty years I have been involved in several fundraising events for schools. in their communities. But now is not the time for this debate, Ahmet. It is time to unite in unequivocal support and love for the people of Ukraine. “

Cave added: “Now there is a catastrophe and I stand with all Ukrainians in this terrible moment of history. I didn’t want anything more than to play in Kiev and I was really looking forward to our show there. I also have great supporters in Russia, and I know through these files that many people there are strongly opposed to the actions of the Putin regime. If I could play for these people, I would too.

“At this time, let’s just stand together with the people of Ukraine and all those who respect freedom and the principles of national self-determination and want to live in peace and security with their neighbors.”

Last week on social networks there was a reaction to the situation in Ukraine from famous figures in the world of music, entertainment and politicswith similar FoalsJanis Filipakis, Bring me the HorizonOli Sykes, Franz Ferdinand‘s Alex Capranas, Jungbludthe mayor of London Sadiq Khan, Taika Wojciech and Amanda Palmer all speak in support of Ukraine.

Elton John said he had a “broken heart” because of the “nightmare” facing civilianswhile Miley Cyrus calls for “immediate cessation of this violence”.

Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Knicks wrote an emotional post about the ongoing conflict in which he said “my heart is broken” at the time Madonna expressed her support for Ukraine in a fan video set to remix her 2005 song “Sorry”.

Meanwhile, Russian rapper Oxxxymiron has canceled the show series in Moscow and St. Petersburg in protest against the Russian invasion of Ukraine, along with many British, European and American speakers who also postponed concerts in the country.

You can donate here to the Red Cross to help those affected by the conflict.

Nick Cave responds to criticism of views on Palestine after cancellation of concerts in Ukraine

Source link Nick Cave responds to criticism of views on Palestine after cancellation of concerts in Ukraine

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