New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Paul Oakenfold Hit Chicago With ‘Unity Tour’ Despite Cold Weather

As live music continues to make a comeback, one of 2020’s most highly anticipated tours finally hits the US stage after two years, with ‘The Unity Tour’ traversing North America and wrapping up in Vancouver this weekend. increase.

Combining electronic and dance music, Pet Shop Boys and New Order are a natural fit as trance DJs and producers. Paul Oakenfold Open the show.

“It’s been really great. And I think I’ve been really lucky — we’ve all been — to go back and enjoy it. Just going to a bar and having a beer means a lot,” says Oaken. Fold joked about returning to the stage before a recent sold-out performance at Chicago’s Huntington Bank Pavilion. “It was amazing to be on this tour and being invited to the Pet Shop and New Order. We did Madison Square Garden. It was sold out. The Hollywood Bowl. It’s a great venue, so it’s great to be able to play music between both sets.”

On stage in Chicago, Oakenfold bridged the gap between Pet Shop Boys and New Order, keeping the music flowing through seamless transitions between acts.

“We’re going to do two sets. The first set is more melodic and current club music, and the second set is songs that more people know,” explained Oakenfold. “So I look at it two ways. We also want to drop some club music.This is not a retro tour so we are still alive and kicking.New album out.Boys got new music. So it’s a bit of both.”

In Chicago, Oakenfold drops new album shine on Earlier this year, he blended in with the Pet Shop Boys on Everything But the Girl’s “Missing,” a giant stageside video screen projected the colors of the Ukrainian flag, and DJs performed New Order with artist cuts. energized the closing set of Eurythmics, U2, The Prodigy, etc.

“Chicago!” Singer Neil Tennant yelled as the Pet Shop Boys pitched “Opportunities (Let’s Make Lot of Money)” on the Chicago stage while highly disguised keyboardist Chris Rowe took off his mask.

Starting the set with “Suburbia”, both Tennant and Lowe performed under oversized streetlights, later the screen came up to reveal a pair of drummers and an additional keyboardist supporting the duo.

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“Good evening Chicago! This is ‘The Unity Tour’ and we pet shop boys! said Tennant. “Tonight, the West End girls are going to dance with the New York boys…” he said. “Being bored is a sin, the music rings forever, the streets have no name!” ‘s intro keyboard part roars, proclaiming a mashup of a U2 classic with Frankie Valli’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.”

The Pet Shop Boys’ performance in Chicago was propelled by costume changes, spectacles and dynamite visuals. This is defined by his hauntingly catchy collection of songs that have sold over 50 million worldwide.

“Domino Dancing” sounded great onstage at the birthplace of house music as the group entered Stephen Sondheim’s “Losing My Mind” and the synths soared announcing “Always on my Mind” shortly after. .

“This next song is for all the old ravers out there! And I think there are quite a few! said while “The music plays forever!” he sings as the performance draws to a close, the glorious “West End Girls” giving way to “Being Boring” as the Pet Shop Boys conclude .

A late September outdoor stage along Chicago’s lakefront could be a gamble, with temperatures plummeting into the 40s the next time New Order hit the stage and breezes from the east cooling the Lake Michigan air. I was.

“I see why it’s called the Windy City…” thought singer and guitarist Bernard Sumner. “It’s so cold!” he declared, perhaps further expressing his innermost thoughts, as New Order opened with “Regrets.”

Tailored to the Chicago crowd, the opening video showcases iconic imagery and architecture such as nearby Soldier Field and the Uptown Theater on the north side, as well as celebrities such as Hall of Fame White Sox outfielder Minnie Minoso, from the show. decorate the opening. The band localized the night.

An early highlight, “Age of Consent,” cuts Sumner’s guitar lick to accompaniment by original keyboardist Gillian Gilbert, and the bass thunders. “Ceremony” follows with Gilbert adding a guitar and New Order delivering a triple guitar attack.

“Glad to be back in Chicago!” Sumner said, setting up “Your Silent Face.” “We’ve been saying that for years and it’s true,” he continued, before lowering his melodica and blowing his nose midway through the performance.

An updated beat drives “Bizarre Love Triangle,” followed by “True Faith,” boosted by an almost disco-like feel. New order Heading to Angkor, which has its roots as Joy Division every night.

“From Manchester on the lake… unbelievably Manchester,” Sumner said in Chicago, referring to the group’s UK home base. “Thank you so much for making me wait so long. Two years of dog s–t. Thank you very much.”

https://www.forbes.com/sites/jimryan1/2022/10/11/new-order-pet-shop-boys-paul-oakenfold-thrive-despite-cold-temps-as-unity-tour-hits-chicago/ New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Paul Oakenfold Hit Chicago With ‘Unity Tour’ Despite Cold Weather

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