New development of North Hollywood. NoHo Arts District is undergoing changes

Meet the NoHo District, a new North Hollywood building and one of the largest in the 20-year history of the NoHo Arts District.

Since this is the biggest development NoHo has ever experienced, can you give us a description of the whole development?

As part of a joint development effort with Metro, the NoHo district will transform an underused 15-acre area at B Line (red) and G Line (orange) stations into an urban village inspired by the arts district. The NoHo area will bring much-needed housing, office and shopping steps from transit, and it will serve as a gathering place to bolster North Hollywood’s thriving community.

This transport-oriented building includes approximately 1,500 apartment buildings, more than 300 of which will be available, 100,000 SF retail and restaurant space and 500,000 SF office space, all integrated with the new integrated transport hub, as well as bicycle and parking .

Also, the timing (estimate) when developments will begin and be completed?

The NoHo district will be built in several phases over a 15-year period. The first phase will involve the consolidation of vehicles at North Hollywood Subway Station. This will begin after the approval of the project by the city and the leadership of the metro, which is expected in early 2023.

Meet the NoHo District, a new North Hollywood building and one of the largest in the 20-year history of the NoHo Arts District.
Meet the NoHo District, a new North Hollywood building and one of the largest in the 20-year history of the NoHo Arts District.

What entertainment and art attractions will you have in the mall? Are you still planning an outdoor theater / playground?

Given that the NoHo district is at the heart of the NoHo Arts District, it will celebrate and showcase a thriving art community. Metro is developing a strategic art plan for static and digital works across the county. Being designed with a critical mass of installations, it will create a sense of discovery with a number of artistic attractions when wandering around the NoHo neighborhood. The design will include a flexible open space at the center of the project with a performing arts pavilion designed to support small-scale outdoors performances.

What benefits will this development bring to the community in terms of amenities, entertainment, economic benefits, etc.?

The current state of the site is a very large parking lot with asphalt and concrete, adjacent to the North Hollywood station. NoHo’s urban design will create a street network that will invite pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles to enter and pass through the urban village and enjoy three acres of open space and wide sidewalks lined with trees. A series of outdoor venues will provide shaded gathering places for the community, fueled by retail, food and beverage, and community programs. One of the main goals of transit is to increase the experience of traveling in the subway by consolidating bus lines to a new transit hub that provides direct connections to local and regional bus lines. The project will provide many economic benefits, including filling the NoHo arts area with a vibrant, creative workforce that will work, live, eat, drink and care for the many unique restaurants, bars, comedy clubs, galleries, studios and theaters that make NoHo such a great place to of life. The project will create thousands of new jobs in the construction, service and office sectors, as well as significant property and business tax revenues in the city and county of Los Angeles.

Businesses are concerned that if construction begins, it will hamper their business, and they need to be reassured that this will not happen. They are now more concerned about the losses they suffered during the pandemic.

We hear and feel concerns about the potential impacts that may occur for local businesses. The $ 1 billion investment in the project will provide a healthy and sustainable future for NoHo by creating a true multifunctional community for residents, workers and subway passengers who will populate the project and take care of NoHo’s business. We will develop and implement a phased construction plan that will be well-informed to minimize access problems and other possible implications for the NoHo business community.

The construction plan will be developed in close coordination with the metro to minimize disruption to existing transit operations during project construction. All existing services are encouraged to be maintained throughout the construction of the project, although temporary detours or relocation of stops may be required at various stages of construction.

Communication will be key, and the NoHo District team and Metro will actively communicate with the community as plans unfold. We will follow the construction instructions of the Los Angeles Municipal Code during construction, ensure minimal impact of dust on adjacent facilities and publish approved transportation routes for construction trucks and equipment as needed.

Will this new building lead to higher rents for apartments?

The states of California and Los Angeles are experiencing significant housing shortages as demand far exceeds supply. The NoHo district is an opportunity to add much-needed homes to the region with a reasonable traffic density focused on a major metro hub, as the metro continues to invest in improving the infrastructure of the rail and bus systems. Approximately 1,500 new housing units will be provided with a combination of market-based and affordable housing in transit, in close proximity to local businesses, entertainment, jobs and educational opportunities.

How many of the units will be affordable housing / Section 8 for low-income people.

Affordable housing is important to create sustainable mixed use and is an integral part of the NoHo district. The project will provide 20% housing options for residents earning an average of 60% AMI or less. Affordable housing will be led by the City of Los Angeles and its recommendations for implementation.

Elderly people, veterans, families and housing for the arts – all areas that are considered affordable housing. The type of affordable housing will be determined in part by the available funding opportunities in the market at the time of receipt of the final approval project.

How can I learn more about the project?

If you have questions or comments about District NoHo, please call (818) 452-0521 or email You can also visit

Follow @nohoartsdistrict on Instagram to get more news about events in North Hollywood.

New development of North Hollywood. NoHo Arts District is undergoing changes

Source link New development of North Hollywood. NoHo Arts District is undergoing changes

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