New D23 Expo Trailer For Disney+ Series ‘Willow’ Captures The Original Movie’s Magic

One of the shows I’m most looking forward to throughout 2022 is the new live action. willow We headed to Disney+ in November of this year. It’s basically an early Christmas present.

i loved willow It was and still is when I was a child. I consider it one of my formative fantasy movies and it influences my taste in all things fantasy. Lord of the Rings, Prydaine Chronicles, Dragonlance When the last unicorn.

Best of all, it was a great cast of characters. willow Very great.Indeed, it was a secondary story that Lucas apparently stole from Tolkien (he was Frank Herbert’s sand dunes for Star Wars) but it was so engaging and a great swashbuckling adventure.I don’t really care. I think willow as a brilliant mashup of indiana jones When Lord of the Ring.

Plus, it’s funny and full of heart — two things that are often lacking in a lot of modern fantasy are sitting squarely in a pitch-black category or being obsessed with looking fantastic and epic. Then the script will be put on the back burner.

new willow It looks magical and whimsical in every sense. Naturally, it would be a shame not to see Val Kilmer’s rogue swordsman Madmartigan, but Warwick Davis’ famous wizard Joan Worley’s Sosha (I was obsessed with Sosha as a kid). Ya—the nicest surprise—Kevin Pollack’s delightful brownie rolls (isn’t it Franjean?)

Other key cast members include Ruby Cruz (Kit), Erin Kelleyman (Jade), Ellie Bamber (Dav), Dempsey Brick (Airk), Amar Chadda Patel (Boorman), and Tony Revolori (Graydon). Christian Slater joins the cast as well, which is a lot of fun.the last show i saw him was Mr. Robot I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Of course, in this setting, he’ll be remembered for his role as Will Scarlett. Robin Hood.

The trailer captures pretty much everything I could hope for from Andowyne’s return to the fantastical lands. (including the funny part about being tied to ). gaffe).

willow is coming to Disney+ on November 30th. I’ll definitely be reviewing this one—and dear fantasy adaptation gods, I pray to you: make it better.

First time available willow Click here for the trailerAre you excited about the new show? That’s horrible?tell me twitter Also Facebook.

Here’s a screenshot of the new trailer:

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https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2022/09/11/a-familiar-brownie-shows-up-in-the-delightful-new-willow-trailer/ New D23 Expo Trailer For Disney+ Series ‘Willow’ Captures The Original Movie’s Magic

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