Netflix’s ‘Jingle Jungle’ Revisited for Christmas 2022

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The first to be released was the culture-savvy and deliciously decadent David E. Talbert musical. Jingle Jungle: A Christmas Journey2020, your average movie fan [See: me] I was ready to take some time off from navigating and thinking about Covid-19. Things were still a little scary and daunting, especially for parents and other caregivers. rice field. Many activities for small children have stalled. With a major holiday approaching, many traditional trinkets of the time had to be readjusted to accommodate the new viral realities.

That’s why my children fun A definitive Christmas movie. something modern. Something that features both kids who look like my kids and kids who don’t. Something that showcases everything my kids love and exhibits: wonder, color, toys, mystery, magic, Joy, joy, love for family.

come in Jingle Jungle: A Christmas Journey, It tells the story of genius inventor Jeronicus Jungle, played by Forest Whitaker. Jungle runs a famous toy store, but somehow his light and creativity are a little lost. Meanwhile, Jeronica’s granddaughter Journey Jungle comes to visit. Her Journey character, drawn by Madalen Mills, discovers that something has been stolen – a robot!- from her grandpa, and she sets out to retrieve it, and in doing so, she can regain Grandpa’s lost spirit.

It’s a well-known and familiar trope when it comes to the Christmas movie storyline, but it worked quite well then and now. Especially the quality of the songs and the beauty of the costumes are amazing. Everyone is dressed as if they were in her brightly colored candy shop.

A well-made musical with Afrobeats, R&B, black barbershop quartets and gospel. We saw this movie in 2020 and immediately my kids’ heads popped and my kids were all dressed up in the brightest colors imaginable, dressed up in the brightest colors imaginable, and actually was singing the hopeful song of an uplifting holiday movie featuring smart little kids flying through the air. Joy — just like them.

One important song is named “square root of possibility No wonder STEM enthusiasts and those who believe that a positive attitude (and math skills) can overcome almost any obstacle. It’s also cool that the main characters do mental math (encoded as magic) that powers super-fantastic toys.

I think it’s time to revisit for 2022More jingle jungle A firm push towards Christmas staple status. A fantasy with key elements such as timelessness, outstanding music, a heartwarming family story, a grumpy father figure, a bright and happy child, and a villain (played adeptly by Keegan-Michael Key), his It’s a musical. Key’s Gustafsson He’s a seemingly friendly kind of antagonist who won’t do anything to steal what he wants. (lovely and passionate puppet) concludes. John Legend and Mike Jackson also signed on as producers.

This movie is visually pleasing to watch. A tribute to clockwork spinning, gold and silver and steampunk fashion. Additionally, the film won two NAACP Image Awards in 2021 for Rashad’s character and Mills, whose role was his breakout performance. The film led to two books released in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

jingle jungle Stream on Netflix.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/adriennegibbs/2022/11/27/an-official-holiday-classic-revisiting-netflixs-jingle-jangle-for-christmas-2022/ Netflix’s ‘Jingle Jungle’ Revisited for Christmas 2022

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