Netflix’s ‘Dahmer’ pushes old John Wayne Gacy shows to top 10 list

If you’re one of those who hoped Netflix’s pushback on Dahmer would result in fewer true crime and serial killer shows in the future, it seems that the exact opposite is happening.

In addition to being one of Netflix Most Popular Shows of the Year With 500 million hours already played, Dahmer is actually so popular that an entirely different serial killer has made it onto Netflix’s Top 10 list.

It’s a True Crime documentary series. Conversations with a Murderer: John Wayne Gacy Tapeswhich is a three-episode, three-hour documentary featuring details of Gacy’s murder and an interview with the man himself.

The connection with Dahmer is clear. It’s not just that the two are both serial killers, but that Gacy was actually featured in a later episode of Dahmer because the two were incarcerated at the same time. Unlike, Gacy was executed by the state. Both one of the murders in which he dressed as a clown and his execution on the same day as Jeffrey Dahmer’s baptism are shown in the series. The second is the notorious cannibal Ed Gein, who was raised when Dahmer tried to beef up his defenses.

Conversations with Gacy on the killer miniseries didn’t just debut. This is the wildest part of this. It arrived in April of this year and is actually 6 months old. But do you think some people saw Gacy in Dahmer and wanted to see more about him? So they searched and there is already a documentary on Netflix.Conversation with Killer Also It has its own Jeffrey Dahmer episode, along with one about Ted Bundy. Only Gacy’s is in the top 10, and he currently ranks number 5 in the US.

This continues the narrative that despite the backlash against Dahmer and its portrayal of the man and his victims, the reality of the situation is that a much larger portion of the public continues to be fascinated by serial killers. A big hit like this other A serial killer now appears with it. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen anything like this before. It’s like a warped version of the crown reappears on the list after Queen Elizabeth’s death.

Those hoping that Netflix will learn a lesson after Dahmer airs are likely to find the opposite to be true, that the show has revealed a great appetite for content, and that more and more killers have been killed. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it turned into a new drama like this…as a result in the future. Probably includes Gacy.

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https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2022/10/06/netflixs-dahmer-is-making-an-old-john-wayne-gacy-show-rise-up-the-top-10-list/ Netflix’s ‘Dahmer’ pushes old John Wayne Gacy shows to top 10 list

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