netflix: Netflix suspends service in Russia amid invasion of Ukraine

Streaming giant Netflix suspended its services in Russia in protest against the full-scale invasion of the country Ukraine.

Earlier this week, the streaming service announced it was suspending all future projects and acquisitions from Russia, joining a growing list of companies that have severed ties with the country.

Netflix has produced four Russian originals, including a crime thriller series directed by Dasha Zhuk, which has been filmed and has since been postponed. Recently, Netflix also refused to broadcast 20 Russian free propaganda channels, which were to be posted in accordance with Russian law.

Now the company is taking an additional step towards the complete cessation of its service.

“Given the circumstances on the ground, we have decided to suspend our service in Russia,” said a Netflix spokesman.

The economic blow that Russia faced after its decision to go to war with Ukraine was strong. Not only is the country struggling with broad sanctions, but many corporations and organizations have left Russia.

Companies like Microsoft, Apple and Dell have announced they have suspended sales in the country, while Ikea has closed stores, and Nike has said it will no longer fulfill online orders. As for entertainment, all major studios have announced that they will stop renting their films in Russia.

Netflix is ​​a newcomer to Russia. It launched its service in 2016 and has a relatively small presence, approximately one million subscribers.

Streamer boasts 222 million subscribers worldwide. He manages the service as a joint venture with the Russian National Media Group.

Netflix also recently announced that it will make its 2015 documentary “Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Struggle for Freedom” available for free viewing. At the heart of the film are Euromaidan protests in Ukraine initiated by the former president Viktor YanukovychRussia’s decision not to sign an agreement with the European Union and instead choose to strengthen ties with Russia.

These protests eventually led to Yanukovych’s ouster. It has also exacerbated tensions with Russia, p Vladimir Putin using the overthrow as the basis for the invasion and annexation of the Crimean Peninsula to Ukraine.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has sparked a humanitarian and refugee crisis, as well as growing fears that it could provoke a nuclear conflict.

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netflix: Netflix suspends service in Russia amid invasion of Ukraine

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