NEON will produce Jasmine Jones ’film Seeking Mavis Beacon

Looking for Mavis Beacon

NEON announced today that they will be producing a documentary Looking for Mavis Beacon directed by Jasmine Jones, one of Director25 new faces of 2021. The lighthouse of the same name, originally embodied by Haitian Rene L’Esperance, was the face of the popular Mavis Beacon teaches typing software game. L’Espérance later disappeared, and the film, according to a press release, “will investigate the disappearance and rethink the legacy of the missing black woman who helped define the digital age.”

Jones comments: “NEON was the perfect home for this project. They understood our position as Black Femmes and shared our interest in disrupting the traditional documentary form. The trusting relationship we have with NEON has surpassed my expectations of the capabilities of black amazing non-binary filmmakers for the first time – it was a blessing. ”

NEON co-produced the film with Getty Fellin, an award-winning independent director, teacher, film curator and co-founder of the multicultural film company BelleMoon Productions; and co-producer Olivia McCale Ross.

Looking for Mavis Beacon is Jones’ debut film. More about Jones from the press release:

Jasmine Jones is a visual narrator and opinion leader from Brooklyn: By Us For Us. Its goal is to create platforms for a brighter and more detailed representation of the marginalized communities of which it is a part. Working in a variety of visual environments, her projects often resonate with the personal experiences of a freak, a black woman who leads intimacy into the post-internet era. She received the Human Rights and Civil Rights Award from the National Education Association, the Fair Use Award from the Media That Matters Film Festival, the Civil Arts and Humanities Scholarship at the Flaherty Film Workshop and was recently featured in the SFMoMa podcast on raw materials. In 2015, Jasmine became a co-founder of BUFU: a project team that is interested in solidarity between us, working with you to create experimental models of the organization. The team received an Eyebeam residency in 2017 and is a 2020 resident as part of the Brooklyn Community Incubator project.

When Director talked to Jones for last year’s 25 New Face profile she discussed the complex issues with the Beacon character, noting that the developers paid L’Espérance just $ 500 for her work. Speaking to the developers, Jones said: “I have a problem with the idea that a black woman is in the eternal role of a serf, but other than that, you all did something ingenious that touched me as a child. They didn’t necessarily think about the representation when giving it to the game. It was marketing – they knew it would make people pick it up. But now, in 2021, this is another public conversation. “

NEON will produce Jasmine Jones ’film Seeking Mavis Beacon

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