Neighbors spoilers next week Mackenzie and Zara in the drama of fire

Mackenzie Hargreaves (Georgie Stone) and Zara Salvin (Freya Van Dyke) were trapped in a school fire, but who started the fire?

Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson) explodes with jealousy after the betrayal of David Tanaka (Such a Honda), Roxy Willis (Winter Anderson) makes an important decision, and is it possible to forgive Paul Robinson (Stephen Dennis)?

Here are all yours Neighbors spoilers for February 25 – March 4, 2022.

Mackenzie trapped by the fire

Another week, another mysterious fire in Erinsboro … Maybe someone should check the smoke alarms in this place? The latest fire comes after Mackenzie confronts Zara over her stolen kiss with Hendrix Grayson (Ben Tarland), and beloved opponents fall into a trap in the classroom when the smoke rises.

Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburn) and Jane Harris (Annie Jones) panic for the safety of their students when an emergency evacuation is ordered, although the brave Hendrix risks his life to break into a burning building to find his missing girlfriend. The couple is found and it touches Mackenzie’s dope. Zara insists she didn’t start the fire, so who?

Zara is under arrest


It turns out the culprits are the evil girls Sadie and Aubrey, who happily allowed Zara to take the blame when the teen-detainee is arrested for horrific arson. In fairness, Sadie wants to tell the truth, but Aubrey seems to be the instigator and puts pressure on his buddy to keep quiet.

None of this helps in Dawn’s case in convincing anyone of her innocence, so to avoid a possible prison sentence and ruining her life before her 18th birthday, she writes a note to Amy Greenwood (Jacinta Stapleton) and does runner. Will the truth come out and justify it?

Aaron’s envy


Tensions between Aaron and David are at a crisis point, and the situation does not improve when it turns out that Dr. Tanaka is discussing intimate details about the state of his shaky marriage with his girlfriend Dean.

The prospect of a romantic getaway is not enough to calm Aaron’s anger, and he demands that her husband stop dating Dean altogether. Although it annoys David, he agrees not to overdo it, and the guys try to solve their problems in pairs – which lasts five minutes when Aaron catches David hanging out with Dean, and falls into a rage of envy!

Roxy is making plans

Roxy Willis' neighbors

Roxy and Kyle Cunningham (Chris Milligan) did not have an easy start to family life: the groom not only barely finished testicular cancer treatment as they passed through the aisle, but an unusual storm passed in their reception area and killed one of the wedding guests.

Having rightly decided that life is too short, Rocks makes an important decision this week – it is time for her and her new husband to start a family before their relationship will face another disaster. This should be a reason to celebrate, but Teresa Willis (Rebecca Elmaloglu) fears that her niece is in a hurry. Does Aunt T have a right to worry?

Elsewhere on Neighbors

neighbors Glen Teresa
  • Speaking of Teresa, she also suspects that things are wrong with her brother-in-law Glenn Donnelly (Richard Haggett), who should be excited if she wins a mini-break in the competition, but seems strangely nervous about the prospect. Their special connection means that Teresa knows when something happens to her fellow drug addict who is being cured, so she swears to find out what he is hiding …
  • Paul recovers after the last fear of health (real, as opposed to invented by him), but not everyone in the family is willing to forgive his deception. Harlow Robinson (Gemma Donavan) insists that David and Teresa visit her grandfather, and only one of them agrees to consider repairing the damage done by Robinson. Who relative decided to give him another chance?
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Neighbors spoilers next week Mackenzie and Zara in the drama of fire

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