National CineMedia (NCM) collaborates with RadIntelligence (RAD AI)

National Cinema (NCM) has announced a strategic partnership with RadIntelligence (RAD AI) on Monday, using its machine learning technology to spread messages from advertisers through targeted social networks.

NCM is the largest movie theater advertising network in the U.S., and their preview called Noovie plays in AMC, Regal and Cinemark nationwide.

The RAD AI platform uses machine learning and natural language technologies to provide content tailored to a specific audience. The partnership recently completed an annual trial of 10 NCM regional companies for individual advertisers in categories such as education, government, recruitment and healthcare. The offer will be extended to national advertisers in 2022.

“Often regional advertisers are reluctant to work with influential people because of the confusion in how to create targeted, affordable and effective campaigns. What we like most about the partnership is how it deepens our ability to demonstrate company effectiveness and return on investment to NCM advertisers at all levels, ”said Mike Rosen, Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer, in a press release. . “With RAD AI, we can provide a fully customizable, turnkey and affordable offering that ensures the right look at the content that every influential person creates, and clearly shows how these companies affect the entire digital footprint of the brand.”

“RAD AI is proud to work closely with NCM to develop and conduct real, effective marketing campaigns,” said RAD AI CEO Jeremy Barnett. “Combining our storytelling skills with our AI platform, we work with clients to ensure that marketing companies resonate with clients both rationally and emotionally. We strive to create companies that customers will appreciate, respond to and never forget. ”

National CineMedia (NCM) collaborates with RadIntelligence (RAD AI)

Source link National CineMedia (NCM) collaborates with RadIntelligence (RAD AI)

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