Natalia Mordovtseva: I almost DIED on Valentine’s Day!

It has been obvious for some time that Natallia Mardautsava is not playing.

She arrived in America and felt like in a horror movie. She recently learned about it she may have to leave.

On Valentine’s Day, Natalia had another unpleasant experience.

This time she realized after only barely dodging dying.

Natalia Mordovtseva spent Valentine’s Day alone – as countless millions of people do, either because of loneliness or because of a pandemic.

However, in her case, she spent time on the sidelines.

In her Instagram story late Monday night, she wished her followers a happier version of the holiday than she experienced.

Natalia Mordovtseva IG

“My Valentine’s Day is great [exciting]”- Natalie told her followers as optimistic as possible.

She explained that it was so intense, “because I just broke the wheel of my car”.

Natalie was driving when she got exploded and her care pulled sharply to the right, getting out of her control.

Natalia Mordovtseva is like a horror movie

“I honestly do not know what to do,” – admitted Natalia.

“I don’t know where I am,” she admitted. “I’m scared.”

Natalie added that she called on everyone she knew to come to her aid.

Natalia Mordovtseva sobs 04 of 04

“I hope my evening will improve, but this is – my God … [a] it’s a terrible situation, ”Natallia commented.

Scary “where are you in the middle of the road, and you have a broken wheel.”

Natalie kept her fists up for luck. In the end, her patience was rewarded.

Natalia Mordovtseva strokes a rat

Several Russian-speaking friends came and fixed Natalie’s tire.

Raising the tire, it was clear that the game is not just worn rubber.

It seemed to have been severely cut.

Natalia Mordovtseva is sitting alone on the couch

“I’ve never seen such a thing, so many cuts,” commented one of the friends. “Every two centimeters there is a cut.”

Frightened, Natalia began to cry, in despair: “God, it’s crazy.”

She generously thanked her friend who changed her tire.

Natalia Mordovtseva sobs 03 of 04

“I just realized I could die today,” Natalie later said in her Instagram story.

She explained: “This tire could have been broken on the highway.”

Losing control of your car at high speeds among other cars can mean a quick and brutal death.

Natalia Mordovtseva on the beach (The Single Life S2)

In the second season Day 90: Life is lonelythe audience watched as Natalie tried to meet again.

Despite her … what we will generously call eccentric behavior … she is a beautiful and energetic woman.

Not surprisingly, it was easy for her to find dates, even if they were not all to her liking.

Natalia Mordovtseva Smiles (The Single Life S2 Sneak Peek)

However, Natalie was and remains legally married to Mike Youngquist.

She had the impression that the documents had already been submitted to ensure her continued legal residence.

After all, she married Mike. They loved each other. They both tried to make it work … but it didn’t work.

Natalia Mordovtseva - what does it mean that we did not do it?

Instead, Natalie received bad news in the special issue of Season 2 Tell Everyone.

Mike revealed to her that he hadn’t actually filed these papers while they were still together.

This could mean her deportation to Ukraine – perhaps at a particularly difficult time – after his filing for divorce.

Natalia Mordovtseva - if you file for divorce

Luckily for Natalie, there is no indication – when we last checked – that Mike has actually carried out his threat.

Whether because of a lack of motivation, or because of a sense of right and wrong, or perhaps just after she was embarrassed for the fact that she was calling it on her, she seems to still be in a suspended state.

It’s not perfect, but obviously it could be worse.

Natalia Mordovtseva: I almost DIED on Valentine’s Day!

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