Naane Varuven Movie Review: Dhanush’s Latest Ruins Is Absolutely A Good Idea

Naane Varuven has the hectic atmosphere of a poorly edited first draft of a film with a great idea at its core.movies written by Dhanush Directed by his brother Selvaraghavan, it is a film about sibling rivalry by real-life brothers with a wacky and sinister idea at its core. Now it’s a movie we can watch. It’s a shame it stayed as an idea and didn’t turn into a living movie.

From the word go, there is something wrong with Naane Varuven.flat Dhanush Prabhu (he plays a dual role in the movie) seems a little weird and synthetic. It’s a loaded statement for.. I’ll let those shortcomings slide because I’m sure the unexpected will soon unravel on screen. The lack of promotion works in the film’s favor – the film’s greatest suspense is its genre. , I think the producers who don’t advertise their movies are geniuses. The excitement is short-lived, as awe is replaced by bewilderment in the second half. These subtle flaws stand out and the film falls apart, leaving a sense of betrayal.

As far as the story goes, Naane Varuven is Kamal HaasanAalavandhan as a supernatural horror. Kathir and Prabhu are twins. There is something sinister about the older twins who are severely punished by their father for their eerie deeds. When he is tied up in the backyard of his house and kidnapped by a psychopath (played by Selvaraghavan) who likes to hunt humans with bows and arrows. A hunted person becomes a hunter. All this is “told” in one of her or two of his scenes. No context or details. This is the film’s most important feature. Ultimately, Kathir is abandoned by her mother and her younger brother. His younger brother continues a normal and happy life with his understanding wife Bhuvana (Induja Ravichandran) and his daughter Sathya. Himachal things take a drastic turn when Sathya, who has been on vacation in her state of Pradesh, starts acting strange. Prabhu realizes that the ghosts of his past have returned and haunt him.

As a story, there is nothing new in Nane Valven. Much like The Conjuring (2013) pans out and includes all the typical horror movie tropes. The film takes the easy way out and has a wealth of exposition as the film relies on narration and bland dialogue to move forward. Another such gaffe is actor Prabhu playing a psychiatrist (Prabhu) who also happens to be a spiritual healer. I mean, why bother writing another character? Two roles for one salary! We also have Yogi Bab as a “friend of the hero” who has nothing to do with the progression of the film. Selvaraghavan himself points out the character’s stupidity, but his self-awareness does not acquit him.

Surprisingly, despite all its flaws, this movie won’t punish you. Dhanush As Prabhu he may be monotonous, but as Kathir he shines. In the final scene of the film, Dhanush demonstrates his abilities. The quality of his acting feels at odds with the lousy movie. is just looking at the ruins of abandoned ideas.

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/tamil/naane-varuven-movie-review-dhanushs-latest-ruins-an-absolutely-good-idea/ Naane Varuven Movie Review: Dhanush’s Latest Ruins Is Absolutely A Good Idea

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