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In this candid, almost unbanned interaction, the filmmakers say, “It’s very humbling to say that the story in Part 2 is very juicy, very dramatic, and very interesting. ”

“10 Years of Dreams, Four Era Arrivals” Revealed Ayan Mukerji In an exclusive interview with Firstpost about the success of Brahmastra- Part 1: ShivaThe filmmaker’s body language is much more relaxed than it was before September 9th. “Sometimes a project like this isn’t safe,” the 39-year-old rightly admits, brimming with childlike demeanor as his vision brought the country back to cinema. It unnerved social media pests who did their best to boycott this piece that took nearly years to take shape and form.

Ayan Mukerji, Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt

It now stands tall and with huge legs. The Earth rewards the generosity of its ideas and celebrates their successes as if they were its own. Art imitates life. For Mukerji, life has been inspired by art. love conquered all. And in this exchange, he talks about how the man at the time took on the challenge. brahmastraThe success of Hindi, why most Hindi movies failed, and the thinking behind it shah rukh khans name suedeand what he plans to do in Part 2, titled development.

When you thought about this hugely ambitious theme and scale, were you sure there would always be an audience’s curiosity and excitement?

It honestly felt like we were on to something that would excite the audience. This feeling was there and the instinct was very strong. It was a very new, shapeless kind of movie. I always felt this fantasy story inspired by very interesting visuals, VFX action and mystical and spiritual India. Since we talked about it after it was released, I’m really glad that it was actually translated. Because a lot of people are making movies and they come to know that there is something about movies that draws audiences. When an unsafe project like this is released, people can feel it lacks atmosphere. I don’t want to name the other movies, but that one was the only one I noticed on Friday that wasn’t working. brahmastra I delivered the discount. So I am very happy.

Ayan Mukerji towering over Brahmastra success and boycott trends My whole idea was to focus on the positive

Ayan Mukerji, Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt

Ranbir was 27 when Wake Up Sid happened. During Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani he was in his 30s. And now in Brahmastra, he’s turned 40, but his character in your film is still discovering himself. Do you think he has no age to grow up?

Ranbir’s coming-of-age ceremony is enough naTo be honest, when I started shooting this movie, I didn’t know Ranbir would be 40 when it came out.? She never thought she would turn 39. ye jawani hi diwani I thought I would be 33 or 34 by the time it was released and I did my next movie. Who would have thought it would take 10 years? , is this arc of growth and should move away from it in the future. This is an arc that we’ve played a few times.But I think actors can keep growing forever.while making brahmastra, I went through four adulthoods. we are always growing. What does getting older mean? Always learning new things so the journey never stops. Actually, I’ll take the first thing back. Some characters always grow, even if you give a different angle to the story.

Whose idea is to call Shah Rukh Khan Mohan Bhargava in the movie? A nice ode to Suede.

worked on suede. To tell the history, suede It’s my first film as an assistant director and I’m also credited as a writer. suede supervised by Ashutosh Gowarika who is my brother-in-lawso i’m very close suedeIn this film too, the character of Lord Shah Rukh is a scientist. So I decided to call him Mohan Bhargava because I thought I’d put this in an Easter egg for the first film.

Ayan Mukerji towering over Brahmastra success and boycott trends My whole idea was to focus on the positive

Shah Rukh Khan of Brahmastra

In the final scene of the film, Amitabh Bachchan says there is no greater weapon than love. do you

Honestly, I’m glad the movie is doing well. It brought audiences to the cinema. When a big movie comes out, it becomes a culture because everyone talks about it on weekends.I also forgot that feeling and how important it is to our culture. So I feel really good about it. Fanda From making the film to its release, it was about focusing on the positive. This message is ingrained in the film’s DNA that love is the supreme astra. I wanted to fill the film’s DNA with light. So that’s my approach to marketing and releasing, focusing only on the positive and sending out a positive pulse. My hope and wish is that everyone at least gives the movie a chance. .

There are a lot of people out there who don’t hate social media, but feel that content isn’t working. All your films are doing well so far, but do you ever feel that Hindi filmmakers are lagging behind when it comes to their work?

First of all, I don’t think you’re wrong. Art has a business because filmmaking is the most commercial art form. Art, by its very nature, is a bit subjective. Yes, there have been misfires recently, but if you look at it, you have a month with four films launching together and it feels like everything is going well. It’s a very natural flow. No industry can only make hit movies. We have a lot of different creative people working here, so we’ve made some movies that audiences don’t like, but we’re going to make movies that audiences will love. It’s good, it’s like that.

One big hurdle that we all collectively faced was the pandemic. How did you and your entire team stay strong and optimistic when people nearly declared the end of the theater business?

we kept working brahmastraI’m sure you are facing this too. When you have a goal and are focused on achieving something, focus on it. Whatever the external factors, we knew we had to deliver the film. believe me. It was a very difficult movie. It was a very challenging movie for us to make. Prior to the pandemic, we had been working on a film continuously for 3-4 years, which gave the team time to rest and reenergize.We also made a lot of decisions that I feel we made brahmastra To make a better movie, I took the pandemic very positively.

Ayan Mukerji towering over Brahmastra success and boycott trends My whole idea was to focus on the positive

Ayan Mukerji in the Brahmastra set

The three parts of Brahmastra are described as pizza. Brahmansh members call it a club. Was this mixture of modernity and mythology intentional?

Yes it was intentional. It’s a modern story. The film unfolds in today’s time, allowing it to be scattered.if you watch some movies marvelyou can see they also use funny one-liners throughout the movie, so that was my attempt.

All three of your films have been successful and have critics. How open are you to criticism?

Very open.I will talk about brahmastra likewise. Even among those who liked the film, you can see that there is some feedback about the dialogue. Honestly, it’s only been four days since the movie came out, so I couldn’t absorb it all.My cinematic journey in the world is just beginning. I showed my film to many people in preparation for its release and received a lot of feedback, which I used to improve the film. I still make movies for audiences. I’ll take notes and absorb everyone’s feedback and try to improve in Part 2, whatever makes sense to me.

And finally, how far are you pushing the boundaries of Dev, Part 2?

To be honest, even when I was making the first part, it was a work that became the foundation of Astraverse, brahmastra Trilogy. We were trying to establish a lot while making Part 1. Now I don’t have to establish anything. I humbly say that the story of the second part is very juicy, very dramatic and very interesting. Expect a very juicy character from Dev. For what we want to accomplish with it, we want it to be faster. We want to get the movie out sooner, and we plan to do more in terms of visual spectacle and dramatic storytelling. increase.

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