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Known as some of the most prominent names in Indian hip-hop culture, rappers Dino James, IKKA and Badshah met for the first time to give fans this season’s “Broken Heart” anthem. This song is the first collaboration between Dino James Ikka and Badshah. These multi-talented rappers have come together to provide fans with jaw-dropping melodies.

Dino and Badshah recently appeared as co-jurors on MTV Hustle 2.0, with Ikka and Dino sneaking a song to fans at the show’s finale. Everyone has been raving about the song ever since, making it the most anticipated song of the season. The first glimpse from the finale sparked fans’ curiosity, and to get them even more excited, Badshah was revealed as his third collaborator on “WOH.” Released on November 29, the song quickly became a chart buster, trending at #2 on YouTube, garnering 1.5 million views within 24 hours, and becoming #29 most viewed video internationally on Spotify. came in 100th place. top song india.

The song “WOH” describes a man’s journey of emotions and heartbreak. The song perfectly captures the extreme hurt, emotion and male vulnerability that comes with a breakup. The duo wrote about their most raw emotions and their heartbreak journey, explaining how difficult it is to miss someone and not be together. Someone who shares the feeling of missing you. Ichika realizes that her broken relationship cannot be repaired and she can no longer bear the heartache, which makes her sad. In addition, Badshah, who contributed a special verse to the song, discusses the perspective of a broken hearted man, showing the pain and it is acceptable to experience the tragic feelings of a fading love.

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