Mila Kunis gets candid about her new Netflix movie, her Ukraine charity and parenting in America today

Mila Kunis was just 14 when she first joined the hit TV series 70’s show,playing He has played Jackie Burkhart’s brave character for eight seasons. Since then, Kunis has blossomed over his years in Hollywood into the versatile actor he is today.her latest movie the luckiest girl alive (currently streaming netflix) is a shining example of just that, showing the artistic depth Kunis is willing to go to in order to adequately tell this rather “heavy” but unfortunately necessary and timely story.

Kunis plays the central character of sharp-spoken New York journalist Ani FaNelli, whose seemingly perfect life crumbles when she is finally forced to confront the traumatic events of her past. start. Not only is she the star of the luckiest girl alive I, who is also the producer of the project, first asked Kunis what joy and satisfaction he derives from having active hands on both sides of the camera.

“I have to tell you, I loved every aspect of it,” Kunis tells me. I loved doing it, I loved seeing the product unfold through the editorial bay and marketing, and a lot of the time as an actor you have an opinion and people appease that opinion, but If you’re a producer, they really have to take that into consideration. , it was really nice to have a voice.”

Jessica Knoll, the luckiest girl alive‘s best-selling author, screenwriter, and executive producer also spoke briefly with me about the quality input and influence Kunis had on the film.

Knoll first describes Kunis: It was selected first. Since then, many of the project’s producers have been involved. Then came director Mike Barker in 2018. So many of us had our eye on this for a long time, like it was December 2020, by the time Mila appeared last minute. It was incredibly helpful, especially in the ending and the third act, to have Mila show up when she expressed her fresh eyes and ideas for the character’s arc. “

When the luckiest girl alive Having surfaced multiple serious subjects in a thought-provoking narrative, Kunis explores how to comfort and protect his own mental health when working long hours on set and having to manipulate emotional scripts. I wondered if you had found it.

“The most straightforward answer is that I have a great support team at home,” says Kunis of her husband of seven years and father of two. Ashton Kutcher“I have a great partner who is available 24/7 and it makes my life so much easier. There’s only one thing to worry about, and that’s doing your job, all you have to do is show up, be ready, be ready, be present. The hardest thing for me is to be away from my family, it gives me peace of mind knowing they are happy, healthy, thriving and doing these amazing things It makes work so much easier and my mental health is much better, so I can just focus on one task and leave everything else to my partner. I think just knowing that would relieve a lot of stress.”

Netflix subscribers can now stream the luckiest girl alive Anytime, anywhere, I was curious what Kunis’ greatest hopes, or perhaps lessons, could be for viewers to take from watching this dramatic thriller.

Kunis replied: I hope this will start a conversation Because I never want to tell people how to a) think and b) think. So, first and foremost, I hope they’ll be entertained – which I really do. I think that’s what makes this project so great.It really draws you in pretty quickly and invests you in the characters and the outcome of the story.It’s my first project. The second is if you’re done with a project and open your mind to a little more empathy or less empathy. If you can, start off with a little more empathy for what’s going on in today’s society and uncomfortable conversations. , with oneself, with one’s peers, with others. I mean, it’s the cherry on top that you can’t get people to do it, but I hope art motivates people in every way. “

As a mother now, after immersing myself in the film’s sometimes disturbing storylines, including teen sexual assault and school gun violence, I asked Kunis: Who doesn’t know how to bring up these difficult arguments and protective warnings with their own children today?

“That’s a great question. When you figure it out, forward the answer to me,” Kunis joked at first. “I’m playing it by ear. It’s hard, isn’t it? My kids are small. There are so many levels to this question. I grew up on earthquake drills. I live in Los Angeles, so We do earthquake drills at school and then we do fire drills at school.These are the two drills I always did at school.Now my kids are doing the third drill they have to do Unfortunately, I don’t even have to explain it to them. From an early age, we start training by assuming the worst possible outcome when we send our children off to school.”

Earlier this year, Kunis and Kutcher “Rise with Ukraine” GoFundMe page Encourage people to donate to efforts around the ongoing conflict around Russian forces invading Ukraine. Through the efforts of this Hollywood husband and wife team, they far exceeded their goal of bringing her $30 million in aid to the Ukrainian people. Due to Kunis’ initiative and her humanitarian efforts, she was named one of them. Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People of 2022”.

Kunis, who learned that she was born in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, and moved to the United States with her family in 1991 when she was just seven years old, shared her recent feelings about the turmoil still going on inside her. I decided to ask if any thoughts crossed my mind. Country of origin in Eastern Europe.

“I don’t know what I’m doing,” says Kunis. “I don’t know if we’re rescuing or rebuilding. It’s a constant battle when it comes to things like this – it’s always changing. It was about kicking it out and figuring out how to band-aid the problem until another country could get a billion dollars and do a proper job. We just wanted to bandaid the problem very quickly, and we knew how to do it quickly, quickly and efficiently until someone bigger, better, stronger than us came along. It happened and all was well in that respect as other countries stepped in. We have to keep it in the news about what is going on in our country. As long as I continue to read the news and hopefully be educated to understand the significance of the outcome of this war, I honestly think that’s all I could ask for.”

from her early That 70’s Show During the days of her Hollywood career, Kunis continued to appear in more and more memorable roles in popular films. black swan, forget sarah marshall, friends with benefits When bad mom. now and the luckiest girl alive As her latest lead role, Would Kunis say that her professional mindset, approach and interest in Hollywood projects have evolved over the years?

“Oh, dramatically,” Kunis reveals. “When I was about 14 to 29, [years old], I worked because I like it. I love everything about this industry and I didn’t care what I was doing. I had bills to pay, I had a mortgage, I had a job. It was a job and I was only responsible for myself. When your career takes a little turn, suddenly you’re very lucky where projects are handed to you, so to speak, where you don’t have to audition or go through this process. A bit of a learning curve to figure out.Everything changed when I had to go see a project after I had kids Is this worth leaving my family? It has to be exciting, it has to be different, it has to scratch some kind of itch inside me for me to go There is value in not getting up with the children in the morning and not putting them to bed at night.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffconway/2022/10/07/mila-kunis-gets-candid-about-her-new-netflix-film-her-aid-efforts-for-ukraine-and-parenting-in-america-today/ Mila Kunis gets candid about her new Netflix movie, her Ukraine charity and parenting in America today

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