Michigan voters let Barack Obama know he’s ‘still okay’

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As time dwindles to the impending midterm elections, Democrats are withdrawing support from their heavyweights, including the beloved first black president. barack obama.

The former president followed the path of a campaign urging the American people to keep the blue party in power for at least the next two years.

Over the weekend, Obama stopped by Georgia to endorse the current Senator’s pastor. Raphael Warnock and governor hope Stacey AbramsHe also traveled to Michigan to support Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who is running against Republican candidate Tudor Dixon.

In a brief exchange, Americans recalled the fascination with Obama introduced during the 2008 campaign.

A Twitter user shared a clip captured by MSNBC of the former president addressing an audience in the Detroit Renaissance High School gymnasium on Saturday. Obama Explaining how exhausting it is to run for public office, he said, “Sometimes it feels a little harder to campaign, and not just because I’m older and have gray hair…”

As the crowd burst into laughter at his remark, a woman sitting behind the podium shouted, “You’re fine as a mug.”

A 61-year-old woman blushed and turned around and asked to repeat the woman’s words. The Detroit crowd laughed. Obama later joked. [Obama] you said. “

“Michelle agrees,” he continued. “She knows.”

Earlier this month, Obama and “eternal FLOTUS” Michelle58 shared photos on social media from early voting locations in hopes of getting Americans to speak up this election season.

“Barack is in me #VotingSquad — who are you among? Tag us below to remind us to register and make plans to vote,” she tweeted.

Americans are casting early midterm ballots in record time, according to the US Elections Project. The organization believes about 9.4 million Americans have already voted.

The 2018 midterm elections had the highest midterm voter turnout in more than a century, Time reports. This year it is likely to be even higher.

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