Michael Bay named the James Bond record for the largest film

Michael Bay calls “bullshit” on James Bond deductible for holding in Guinness Book of Records for the biggest movie explosion explosion. It was tent 007 “Ghost“, Which set a record with one explosion, which had a total output of 68.47 tons of TNT equivalent.” Not so fast, Bay said recently Empire Magazine. According to the chaos-loving director, his historical war epic “Pearl Harbor” has an even bigger explosion during the central sequence of the attack.

«[Producer] Jerry Bruckheimer showed the film to Ridley Scott, ”Bay said. “And a quote [from Scott] was: ‘fuck me’. No one knows how hard it is. We had so many great things. Real boats, 20 real planes. We had 350 events. Three months of rigging on seven boats, stopping the freeway, which is three miles away. ”

Bay added: “James Bond was trying to arrange ‘the biggest explosion in the world.’ Nonsense. Ours is ”.

The scene in “Spectrum”, which set in the Guinness Book of Records – this is when Blofeld’s base explodes after the climax of the film. James Bond’s latest tent “No Time to Die” also entered the Guinness Book of Records for the number of explosives detonated in one film. 136.4 kg of TNT equivalent “exploded” on the set to reflect the culmination of the explosion “It’s not time to die”.

“While we were organizing the explosions, one of the guys from Event Horizon, an explosives company, came up to me and said,‘ Oh, Chris, do you know there’s another record? ’” Bond Coordinator Tricks Chris. Corbould told Guinness. “Now I thought we got this from Specter, but apparently there was another one for ‘the most explosives in one shot.’ The record was 65 kilograms of landmines per shot. There were 140 of us [kilograms] in ours ”.

In an interview with Empire Bay, he said that “there is a special sauce for explosions” and noted that many explosions in Hollywood movies today “look bad, otherwise they will not have a shock wave.”

“There are certain ways with explosions when you mix different things and different types of explosions to make it more realistic,” Bay added. “It’s like cooking a Caesar salad.”

Bay’s latest directorial work, Ambulance, will open in theaters on April 8 from Universal Pictures.

Michael Bay named the James Bond record for the largest film

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