MIA releases ‘MATA’, first album in six years amid controversy

British rapper MIA has been making music for nearly two decades, using her voice to draw attention to a wide variety of issues.After the release of her 2016 album targetthe polarizing “paper plane” rapper has expressed her desire to retire from music entirely. .

Mata, MIA’s sixth studio album and first in six years, is out today via Island Records.But instead of attention being directed to her new music, much of the focus was on the statements she made. twitter Days leading up to album release Alex Jones $1 Billion Defamation Judgment To celebrities promoting the COVID-19 vaccine. “If Alex Jones pays to lie, shouldn’t all celebrities promoting vaccines pay too?” she wrote, addition“If you don’t have critical thinking skills, this is about as crazy as we should get before nuclear war is wiped out[s] drive out mankind. “

upon Mata, the rapper has shown from the start that she’s more liberated than ever, for better or worse. The album opens with her two-part “FIASOM” which stands for “Freedom Is a State of Mind”. On songs like “Beep” and her closing track “Marigold,” M.I.A. points out that the problems facing the world are countless, but she’s “neither a politician nor the United Nations.” to remind you.

when talking to Guardian For women in music who have been slammed for years like Sinead O’Connor and The Chicks, MIA stresses that her remarks have upset more people than ever before “Everyone scares me more than any artist,” she said. I don’t have that kind of financial power, but for some reason I feel like people are afraid of me.”

https://www.forbes.com/sites/cmalone/2022/10/14/mia-releases-mata-her-first-album-in-6-years-amid-controversy/ MIA releases ‘MATA’, first album in six years amid controversy

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