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new intern at Grey’s Anatomy While they are adjusting to their new lives on Gray Sloan, they work in dangerous conditions with little or no sleep. on the way to the hospital, Jules Seeing Mika get out of an old van, Jules apparently thinks Mika lives there.

Lucas It’s basically hospital life. Amelia finds Lucas and she tells him to stay at Meredith’s house until she finds a place. “No special favors. We agreed,” Lucas tells Amelia.

Nico Terho
Nico Teruho as Lucas. (ABC)

Nick takes Meredith on her offer to run a residency program and he has big plans for an intern. He hasn’t really collaborated with Meredith on this. she was disappointed Schmidt is a senior resident and indicates he has Bailey when it comes to internships.

Owen is back at work again, with Teddy hovering over him. She is hunting him down if someone is constantly watching over him so that he doesn’t lose his license for good. walk. She pleads with Schmidt to relocate her, but he refuses to help her.

A young patient named Chase, played by modern family Alum Nolan Gould, was hospitalized with his friend after eating bad food. It looks like a food poisoning opening and closing, but it’s not. Chase has a rash on her chest that keeps getting worse as the days go by, and even Meredith doesn’t know what’s wrong with this kid. Within hours she goes into septic shock. Meredith and Richard tell Simone and Jules to write the book before it’s too late.

After all, Taryn gave up her medical career for the time being in favor of becoming a bartender. He asks her to go back to the hospital. She puts on a good show and she says she’s happier bartending. But do we really believe her?

When Richard checks up on Teddy, it’s clear she’s nearing the breaking point of the whole Owen situation. Teddy needs a break because she’s had to juggle all these last few months.

Amelia tracks down Lucas and shows him some available apartments in the city. He tells her she’s hovering and doesn’t want the other interns to know about it. they are related.

James T. Pickens
James T Pickens as Richard Webber. (ABC)

Joe and Bailey spend more time with their children outside the hospital. Bailey begins asking what’s going on at the hospital. Joe is annoyed because he thought Bailey just wanted to be a mom friend, but Bailey is only using her to get information about her hospital. Bailey misses Gray Sloan and it’s getting harder and harder to hide it.

Meredith and Nick cross paths at the hospital, and their conversation is a little awkward, to say the least. Even Nick says that Meredith “acts a little weird.” Before the conversation really gets anywhere, Meredith is pulled away for an update on Chase. Link tells her and Jules that she has to go because her Chase leg has become gangrene. Link forces Jules to disconnect.

During surgery, Simone finds out what’s wrong with Chase by talking to her roommate. Chase contracted meningococcus, which is common in college dorms, and was not vaccinated as a child.

Richard gets Owen’s side of the story when he has to direct. “I was miserable, Richard,” Owen admits, having been sitting for the past six months. He did all he could to distract himself. In his rant he said that Teddy was the one who said they should run and he listened to her because he loves her. I’m holding Richard suggests providing physical space for both.

After Chase’s surgery, Meredith tells Simone to comfort Jules. “It’s too early to be paralyzed,” she says. Simone overhears Meredith and takes Jules to the gift shop.

Ellen Pompeo
Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Gray. (ABC)

Meredith and Nick finally discuss their feelings. “Why do you look angry?” Nick asks Meredith. Just as they are about to enter the nucleus, Owen appears. He can no longer work for Teddy. He pleads with Nick and Meredith to work and teach under Nick for six months.

After Owen leaves, Nick says he doesn’t have time for this exchange. Meredith admits that she is still in love with Nick and will say it as many times as it takes for him to believe it. She asks him to accompany Zora to her presentation.

In order to avoid revealing that he’s having an affair with Amelia, Lucas has to deal with the fact that he believes Blue is sleeping with Amelia. ‘s policy.

At Zora’s presentation, Zora gets nervous while speaking on stage. Meredith knows something is wrong. She believes Zola will start having panic attacks and that her mother and her aunt will die of Alzheimer’s, just like her grandmother. Meredith runs onto the stage to comfort Zora in the final moments of the episode.

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