“Mental Coach Jegal” Don’t Believe in Luck – Until Luck Runs Out

When Jegal Gir was a boy, his father told him life was a loser. No matter how hard a person works, their efforts are not as good as luck. Others are naturally lucky and have all the money and connections they need. Without that advantage, they would always win.Gil played by Jung Woo in Korean dramas mental coach Jegal, He refuses to share his father’s pessimism. Then his luck runs out.

After years of mastering taekwondo, Gil is an accomplished fighter and one of the best in the country. In a match against Gu Tae-man, played by Kwon Yul, his gritty determination and great skill cannot save him from serious injury. Teman is one of the lucky ones his father advised him to. After the incident, Teman’s sports career is going well while Gil is banned from playing taekwondo.

Fast forward 13 years and Gil is now Jegal, a mental coach. He is the author of two of his books on why no one should work hard. anything. ever. Coaches now argue that a person can work hard and make great sacrifices, but even that may not be enough. So why work so hard? Lower your expectations and live a comfortable life. This sentiment has made Coach a best-selling author among readers struggling to survive, and perhaps failing to thrive, in a competitive world.

As Coach Jegal advises fellow athletes, a friend asks him to help his sister Jageul, an award-winning short track speed skater who is in a slump. Gaul, played by recently Emmy-winner Lee Yoo-mi, has some emotional issues and a few professional enemies that keep her from reaching her full potential.

However, she is not interested in coach Jegal’s help. Coaches may benefit from coaching on their choices. Is he making the best of a bad situation or is he really giving up?

In addition, Park Se-young will play the role of sports counselor Park Seung-ha. As Gil’s former counselor, she can remember Gil’s behavior after his career-ending injury.

Jungwoo can be seen at model family and drama Mud each other, Reply 1988 When Reply 1994. Lee won an Emmy for his guest appearance squid game. Can also appear in dramas All of Us Are Dead When 365: Repeat year.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/joanmacdonald/2022/09/20/mental-coach-jegal-doesnt-believe-in-luck-until-his-luck-runs-out/ “Mental Coach Jegal” Don’t Believe in Luck – Until Luck Runs Out

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